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Did you know you can use your sexual energy for things that aren't sexual? I didn't.

Two years ago I found myself under a giant tree on sacred chi gong grounds, meditating post-ceremony and connecting with the spirit of my unborn daughter. And if that doesn't sound weird enough... what happened next changed the course of my life and set me on a wild ride that keeps getting more bizarre and beautiful. I went from leading a relatively "normal" life to having absurdly wonderful adventures more often than I even have time to process. 

After spending 13 years helping to make meditation more attractive and accessible to a mainstream audience, it seems that Nature is asking me to do the same for sacred sexuality. She keeps fire hosing me amazing teachers, experiences and gifts. This has lead to a makeshift PhD in transmuting our most creative energy, our sexual life force, to manifest a life and a world you truly love.

Now if alchemizing your sexual energy to create your dreams sounds crazy or a little scary, know you are not alone. We have been conditioned to have so much fear, shame and embarrassment around one of the most sacred gifts we have been given as humans. I think we can change this. Quickly. I would love to usher in a new reality that makes this chapter of sexuality on the planet look like the dark ages. 

So you are formally invited to come along for this journey as I process these discoveries through writing.

Together we will co-create this next chapter of Ziva.

I'll be sending out some of the most vulnerable, truthful, and shocking revelations as I work through this material in real time.

So if that sounds good, come along for the ride. It might just change your whole life, 


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