How Meditation Fuels Anti-Bullying Efforts

Did you know that October is Anti-Bullying Month? It’s easy to imagine bullying as something only children have to worry about. And with increased awareness of the harmful effects of bullying, you may even think it’s on the decline.

But a recent study found that 94% (!!!) of adults have experienced bullying in the workplace. Take that number in for a second.

In addition to bullying at work, we’re bombarded with news about racism, sexism and terrorism, and if you’re like us, these displays of emotional and physical violence make you feel frustrated, sad and angry.

So why is it so easy for us as humans to cause harm to others?

In order for us to hurt someone else, we need to first perceive them as other than us. This otherness creates a separation between us and them, meaning it’s easier to inflict pain without feeling the repercussions of our actions.

But when you start meditating, something in the brain starts lighting up called the dorsomedial prefontal cortex which is, essentially, the altruistic part of the brain. This is the piece of you that’s responsible for perceiving other people as separate.

As you strengthen this part of your brain through meditation, it’s quite literally expanding your perception of who you see as same. You see more of yourself inside of others and more of others inside of you. And as you grow this awareness, you begin to realize that as your hurt others, you hurt yourself, and as you help others, you help yourself.

Emily goes into more detail on this in the video below including:

  • How meditation helps strengthen the connection between the right and left hemispheres of your brain
  • Why, in order to terrorize someone, you must first perceive them as separate than you
  • How meditation actually changes the structure of your brain, not just your brain chemistry. 

The main takeaway here is that meditation is doing more for us than giving us clear skin and better sex. It’s working to heal the collective. It’s eradicating your suffering and healing the division between you and others.

So in honor of Anti-Bullying Month, actively choose love over fear and remember that there is one thing and we are all it.

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