Celebrating 6 Months of The Membership!

The first six months of The Membership have generated more joy, more connection and more shared humanity than we ever could have imagined. Thank you for being such a valuable part of this global community of meditators. 

Whether you’re a Member or you’re curious what it’s all about, take a look at this gorgeous recap of all the magic we’ve made together since the beginning!

And if you’re ready to join (must be a zivaONLINE or zivaLIVE grad), dive in here:

And if you’ve been thinking about taking zivaONLINE, GREAT NEWS: you get 1 month free of The Membership when you enroll.

Meanwhile, our team has been having a blast hearing what our members have loved, want more of and even less of in The Membership. So as we cross the 6 month mark, we’re making some exciting uplevels to the program.

What Members want more of: Exercises and rituals you can do on your own time.

What Members want less of: Scheduled events that you have to attend live (or you feel like you are missing out.)

With that, here are the new uplevels happening inside The Membership!

  • NEW: Monthly Rituals, Exercises & Journal Prompts! Each month, we’ll be sharing some powerful ways that you can embody the month’s theme. You can do these on your own time in just a few minutes. You can even make it a party with your friends.
  • There will be ONE scheduled live event a month. Moving forward, we’ll host a global meditation each month that will include 1) monthly theme-specific lecture, 2) coaching so you can get your questions answered, and 3) a global meditation.
  • Global Meditations will be recorded! Because we don’t want you to miss any of the goodness, you can now watch the replays in your Membership Dashboard so you can catch up when it’s a good time for you. You’ll also get notified in your Sunday email when a new replay has been posted.
  • What’s staying the same: Much of The Membership magic is staying the same. You still get free access to The Workshop Series featuring fascinating guest experts, our monthly newsletter, weekly updates, phone backgrounds and the all access pass to your Members only library.

All of these uplevels are coming on Nov 1.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve been scheming over here to come up with the absolute best themes, exercises, gifts and lessons for the rest of the year… These are based on the 3 topics I get asked most about — the 3 things EVERYONE is trying to manifest in their lives…

  1. October: Blissify Your Body — we’re talking about having radical appreciation for your physical body, and how you can purify it to serve your greatest purpose on this planet.
  2. November: Heal Your Relationships — we’ll get into deep personal work on the relationship you have with yourself, plus how to show up with kindness and love in all of your relationships — romantic and otherwise.
  3. December: Call in Abundance — it’s time to get out of lack mentality, to learn how to see and move money like energy and how to magnetize all kinds of abundance into your life.

Phew! You don’t want to miss a minute. Dive in here if you’re ready for all this goodness:

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