An Exercise for Anxiety and Overwhelm

Even with all the meditation in the land, the news these days can be a lot of a lot.

Climate change, the ever-changing pandemic status, school closures…if you don’t have tools to catch it, anxiety can spin you into overwhelm.

There’s an exercise we use at Ziva to bring you back into your body, fast. We’d love to share it with you.

It’s an exercise that is taught in the mindfulness portion of zivaONLINE called Come to your Senses. It has the power to stop anxiety in its tracks, bring you back into your body and to the present moment…which is always where our bliss resides. 

This exercise is perfect for when you’re preparing for a big meeting, need to decompress after a long day or would just like a quick tool to feel better fast.

You deserve to move through life with greater ease.

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