Are You a Seagull or a Pelican?


Are you a seagull? Or are you a pelican?

A question I’m sure you’ve never been asked.

Once I was away on vacation on a remote island in Venezuela. I had no phone, no cell service, no Instagram to scroll through.

After a few moments of uncomfortability, I was reminded that creativity really does live on the other side of boredom.

Once I started paying attention, I noticed that Nature was putting on a show for me.

I could see these big schools of fish swimming through the water and these huge pelicans were swooping into the water and scooping up the fish.

As they ate, soon enough there would be seagulls who would jump onto the backs of the pelicans and fight for their scraps.

It got me thinking.

In life, you can be a pelican OR you can be a seagull. You can be the person who takes initiative and knows exactly what they want, going after your dreams with laser beam precision, or you can wait around and hope some scraps fall your way.

Which one are you?

I made a video about this I think you’ll love.

You deserve to bring your dreams into reality.

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