Are You Chasing Youth Or Health?

It’s no secret that we live in a youth-obsessed culture.

It seems that nearly every commercial for cosmetics, lotion, skin care — uses the promise of looking younger as a selling point.

The cover of every women’s magazine teases secrets for smoothing wrinkles or “getting that youthful glow.”

Men’s magazines boast about how to “regain the strength and performance you had in your twenties!”

They’re selling the dream that you can turn back time. But why?

Why would we chase youth when what we really want is health?

This may seem obvious but there’s nothing wrong with growing older. Different ages bring different types of magic — so instead of chasing a carrot we can never capture (youth), what if we shifted our focus to cultivating the things we are actually coveting: the glow of healthy skin, the vibrancy that comes from a healthy diet, and the confidence and peace that are earned through daily meditation?

Our bodies are a collection of every experience, every joy, every sorrow, every meal we have eaten, every rest we have (or haven’t) taken, every injury, illness, and decision. Our bodies and our minds are the sum of everything we’ve ever been and done. This is what makes us who we are.

Watch this video to learn how to become more radiant at every age.

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