Are You Devoted to Your Dream Or Suffering For It?

Sometimes we confuse devotion with a right to suffer.

How many times have you said the following words:

“I’ll be happy when I _________”

We all do it. Sometimes in small, seemingly insignificant ways, sometimes in giant life halting ways. I’ll be happy when I eat something, I’ll be happy when I hire another employee, I’ll be happy when I close this deal, have this kid, make this money, quit this job… the list is virtually endless.

I call this the “I’ll Be Happy When” Syndrome. It is hard to avoid because if you are living on planet earth right now there are billions of people spending hundreds of billions of dollars to make you feel like you will happy as soon as you get _________ product.

Most of us have no idea we’ve been infected, even though the symptoms are clear:

1. You are willing to suffer now because you believe things will get better soon.
2. You are rigidly attached to life playing out in a particular way.
3. You find yourself in expectation more often than in appreciation aka “What have you done for me lately?”

This syndrome can be a drain, it makes you willing to suffer through your current situation while you pray and slave away to create a better future for yourself. It robs you of the opportunity to experience your bliss right here and right now.

Here is the fastest way out:

Devote yourself to something bigger than you.

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