Are Your Words Casting a Spell?


There’s a beautiful line from the Vedas that goes like this:

“The rishi speaks, and then it becomes so.”

So what’s a rishi? Rishi is a Sanskrit word that means “seer” — someone who can see how Nature wants to use them. Becoming a rishi or seer is easier after committing to daily meditation and learning the teachings from the Vedas.

As you do this work and usher yourself into higher and higher states of consciousness, not only can you see more clearly but your words start to have more and more power.

Your words are casting spells.

So our question for you is… Are you being thoughtful about the kinds of spells you’re casting?

If your internal dialogue is, “I’m stupid. I’m too old to meet my dream partner. I’m going to die alone and never find my purpose on the planet,” then that’s very likely what you’re bringing into the manifest.

But if you’re telling yourself and speaking out loud that your ideas matter, that you’re worthy of love, that you are ready to serve your divine purpose as Nature has intended… then these are the spells you are casting.

Emily made a video to share the importance and power of your language  

As you continue to expand your consciousness, your ability to transform things from the unmanifest to the manifest gets faster and faster. One of the most profound ways to do this is by diving deeper into the Vedas and meditation.

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