Can You Forgive Someone Who Hurt You?


When someone hurts you, your nervous system is trained to respond with either fight, flight or freeze.

So what happens after you’re triggered? How do you get out of those patterns?

Instead of repressing your feelings, you must find an active antidote. A way to transmute this energy in a way that’s a lot more healing for you, and even for the person who hurt you.

Last week, Emily passed along a very powerful forgiveness exercise. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, you can still get it here.

And today, she made you this video on how you can use this exercise to forgive someone who has hurt you. You can watch it here.

Reminder that practicing forgiveness is something you do for you — not for the person who hurt you. It’s a way for you to process hurt and move through to the other side.

It’s not condoning their bad behavior.

We are not asking you to violate your boundaries or let someone back into your space.

But by you doing this work, you are untethering yourself from the experience and taking your energy back.

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