Healthy Chocolate Mousse Recipe: Superfood Dessert

by Kelsey Mathes, Ziva Meditation Teacher + Nutrition Expert

Blood sugar spikes and drops are very hard on our body, and yet very pleasurable to our brain. Did you know that simple sugars light up the same receptors in our brains that cocaine does? Unfortunately the crash from the drop can really knock us down and leave us dragging. Not to mention the lack of nutrients in the simple sugar.

The good news? Raw fats like the avocado and coconut in this recipe act like the sandbags on the hot air balloon of your blood sugar rising. We get the pleasant experience of the sugar with significantly less crash. Raw honey is also not an empty sugar. Raw honey and raw cacao both contain B-vitamins, antioxidants, essential minerals (such as magnesium, calcium, iron, copper and manganese), and a myriad of other benefits like improving immune function and easing allergies.

So, raw fats + superfoods = low glycemic, guilt free, DELICIOUS dessert!

Superfood Dessert: Raw Chocolate Avocado Raspberry Mousse (vegan)
adapted from

1 avocado
1/4c raw cacao
1/4c coconut milk (full fat, can)
2 Tbsp raw, local honey (or to taste)
2 Tbsp coconut oil
1/4c frozen raspberries (optional)
Crunch-layer and Garnish of choice (optional)

-In a blender or food processor, blend avocado until smooth.

-Add cacao, coconut milk, oil, honey, and berries (if using). Blend until smooth. You will probably need to mix it up once or twice with a spoon, because it is quite thick.
Note: 2 Tbsp of raw honey leaves you with a bit of a dark chocolate flavor. For a more milk chocolate flavor, increase the honey to taste and add a bit more coconut milk (up to 1/8c).

-Scoop into single-serve containers (recipe makes about 16-20oz).
If you want to get fancy, add a layer of mousse, then a layer of crunch in the middle (such as crumbled pecans), then layer a bit more mousse on top.

-Optional garnishes include coconut flakes, pecans, orange twists, or berries.

-Enjoy your sweet, guilt-free treat!

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