Dr. Elisa Song On the Importance of Meditation in Families

When we started pulling together our team of experts for zivaKIDS, we knew we wanted to include Dr. Elisa Song — a holistic pediatrician whose wisdom and expertise we admire so much.

Emily and Elisa recently did a live interview together. She said a few things that blew our minds.

In her words, “As a holistic pediatrician, what I really want parents to understand is that learning mindfulness and meditation is not just something you do when you have time. This is something we want to consider as powerful medicine — like the food we eat, the supplements we take.

This is so key because so many kids have chronic illness (1 in 2 kids today are diagnosed). Here’s the thing: we can get kids well with medicine and treatment, but they’ll often slide back because they’re not reducing the biggest source of inflammation — the stress hormones in the mind and brain.”

Ooooh, that hits right to the heart.

You can watch the full interview below!

Another goodie from the convo:

“zivaKIDS is so unique bc it’s not a one-off — it’s not something YOU have to nag your kids to do. It’s a course made for children that they go through. zivaKIDS and meditation will help your kids be better at whatever they love doing — lacrosse, violin, art, etc. because it’s not just the mindset that meditation helps, it’s the physiological readiness to be your best.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

zivaKIDS is meditation help kids thrive. Learn more and enroll here.

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