How to Find Your Passion Using Nature’s GPS

If you haven’t yet found your passion, it can be frustrating to hear other people talk about their life’s work or purpose. How did they find it? And why haven’t you found yours? 

If this sounds familiar to you, then listen up. Ziva founder Emily Fletcher recently spoke at Mindvalley’s AFest conference in Mexico on the topic of tapping into your desires to zero in on your passion. She offers a simple framework of four questions to help you discover a quest that is meaningful to you and, more importantly, how to trust your desires as Nature’s GPS on that quest. Ask yourself:

  1. What is the most pressing need of the time?
  2. How do my gifts best serve the need of the time?
  3. Which of these gifts do I want to use?
  4. Which of these gifts do I want to use right now?

In the talk, Emily shares how to apply them to your everyday life. Dive in:

Emily says, “Don’t we all secretly wish we’d been born with an instruction manual? A little set of directions for how to live our lives? I actually think that we were. But most of us don’t really know how to listen to it.

The idea that we each only have one mission or one quest is debilitating and can keep us from ever starting. I don’t think there’s one mission. I think there are challenges to solve. And which challenges we solve and how we solve them — that’s up to us.”

So… how does meditation play into this? It’s the fastest way to release stress, and you can make better decisions without stress and fears negating your instincts. When you meditate, you’re actually tapping into the source of fulfillment. So you’ll feel less confused by what you should do, or what will make you the most money, or what will make your parents or children or spouse proud.

When we meditate, we can more elegantly tell the difference between our addictive longings (money, sex, perceived success) and our intuitive desires. Plus, within 30-40 seconds of meditating, your brain and body flood with dopamine and serotonin which are bliss chemicals. And when you’re full of bliss, you can approach your desires and decisions from a clear-eyed state of fulfillment rather than a state of neediness. Sounds nice, right?

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