How To Start Speaking With Confidence

Hey, um, have you ever thought of, like, meditating? It’s really good for you and I mean, I really like it…

Oof, how does that make you feel? Does that inspire confidence that you should start practicing the most important tool for mental hygiene we have available? Of course not.

Our language matters. Did you know that native Russian speakers see the color blue differently than the rest of us? It’s because they differentiate between lighter and darker shades of blue differently than other languages. Crazy. Language can impact the way your brain processes color. Which is why I want to talk about qualifying language.

Qualifying language means using words that weaken your message so they come across less powerful. Words and phrases like “just,” “I mean,” “I think” — these are all main offenders that decrease the impact of your words and often how people perceive you.

We’ve all done this — but I give a special shout out in the video below to my ladies. For too long we’ve not been encouraged to step into our full power, so we subconsciously soften our words so they don’t intimidate others.

It’s time to break this pattern, together.

Here’s my suggestion: say what you mean, and mean what you say. Become aware of how frequently you weaken your language in important meetings, negotiations or conversations with your partner.

Nature is always listening to us. So is your body. Speak into existence what you want to manifest.

In this video, How To Start Speaking With Confidence, I dive into this concept. Here’s some things I cover:

  • The difference between speaking compassionately and qualifying your language
  • The spiritual implications of weakening your words
  • How the words we choose changes the way our brain functions

Also, please enjoy me qualifying your favorite inspirational quotes.

Watch: How to Start Speaking with Confidence

It can feel uncomfortable and vulnerable to say the things you really feel. Softening our words gives us a buffer between our feelings and someone else’s reaction. But to take up the space you deserve in the world, it’s high time to start speaking with confidence — no “I think” necessary.

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