How To Surrender To The Timing Of Your Dreams

surrender to your dreams

Wanna know the most common mistake for people when they start manifesting? 

They worry too much about when and how their dreams will show up without getting crystal clear on what they want and why.

It would be great if we could wave a magic wand that could control the timing of our dreams. But this isn’t a one man show. You are co-creating with Nature.

This is why we have to understand the reason we want our dreams. What mission is this trying to serve? How will this dream make you feel?

And then for the tricky part — we have to surrender to Nature.

Our job is the “what” and the “why”. The “how” and the “when” is left to Nature.

There’s a short clip from our Manifesting Masterclass, an advanced class available to Ziva graduates, that illustrates this concept beautifully. Emily shares a story about her son that might hit home as well as how Nature’s support allows us to climb higher than if we tackle our dreams alone.

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