Karma vs Dharma

Karma is about balance, not retribution.

A lot of us throw around the word karma, but may not know exactly what it means. Or how it’s different from dharma. Hint: it’s not related to 90s sitcom Dharma and Greg 😉 . So let’s dive into karma vs. dharma.

So many of us see karma as a kind of cosmic or spiritual bank account… “If I do good a good deed, I’m setting myself up to receive good karma later. If I do something bad, something bad is going to happen to me.”

But really, karma is actually about balance, not retribution. It’s a way of gauging whether you’re acting in accordance with nature. Are things in your life going smoothly? Or have things been rocky?

Dharma, on the other hand, can be defined as your life’s work or your life’s purpose. Dharma is your path, and karma is there not to punish you, but to signal to you if you start veering off that path.

Although these are important and meaningful concepts, it can be easy to get caught up in the idea that the universe controls our fate. You have the ability to co-create your destiny with nature. You can listen and be open to nature, while also listening to your inner desires — what you really want to do, not what you “should” do or think others want us to do.

Remember not to give your power away to a cosmic magician in the sky. This is the most elegant way to stay on your path.

Much more in the video below.

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