Meet the Experts of Moving into Mastery

Often when people begin a meditation practice and start expanding their consciousness, they start to wonder, “what’s next?” Emily had these same questions. It’s what caused her to begin her studies of the Vedas, the ancient body of knowledge where the meditation portion of Ziva is derived from. Now she’s taken her 12 years of studying the Vedas and poured them into our most advanced course, Moving into Mastery.

In this year-long curriculum, Emily and eight world-class experts give you access to some of the most powerful knowledge humans have ever cognized. In each of the modules, we begin by exploring some of the big, esoteric, Vedic philosophy. Then we dive into some tactical applications for how we can uplevel your: Time, Money, Relationships, Body, Brain, Creativity, Performance and Purpose.

If you’re someone who loves ancient philosophy and lineage, but like it to be backed up by modern science, look no further.

Emily made this video to take you behind the scenes and share a bit about each of the experts AND what they’ll teach you.

This eight-part video series is a beautiful combination of neuroscience, ancient wisdom, performance training, life coaching and positive psychology. It truly is like getting your Master’s degree in life. 

THIS is what we all wish we would have learned in school. How to have fulfilling relationships, how to be in flow and abundance with money, how to look and feel amazing in your body all while making the world a better place.

Moving into Mastery opens only once a year. To join the waitlist and be the first to know when enrollment is open for the 2022 class, click here!

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