Emily’s Earth Day Recycling Tips

Someone else is not going to solve this problem for us. We have to solve it ourselves.

Recycling? What’s a meditation teacher know about that? Quite a bit, in fact! I’m on a mission to leave this planet better than I found it, which is why I am so passionate about this subject (just ask the zivaTEAM.)

In honor of Earth Day this year, I wanted to do a deep dive into the basics of recycling because, unfortunately, it can be really confusing. Plastic is everywhere y’all, and by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. That’s why I want to help educate people on what you can and can’t recycle, how to compost, and why it’s all so dang important.

How to Start Recycling

If you want to recycle (which you should!) but aren’t sure of all the nuances, you’re in luck. Watch to learn:

  • How I mindfully reduce my plastic consumption
  • What you can and cannot recycle
  • How to compost organic materials
  • Why you should use reusable utensils as much as you can (+ I share the ones I use)
  • How you can ditch plastic bags for good

One thing to note is that I urge you to check with your local recycling protocols. Many of the tips I share regarding what can and cannot be recycled is according to NYC laws (which may be different from yours). The most important think we can do is educate ourselves on our cities’ specific rules and regulations so we can make sure we are taking care of this place we call home.

If you watch the video above, it’s clear that the environment is a really big deal to me. As a company, our mission is to eradicate the world of unnecessary suffering. But unfortunately, climate change is already doing a number on us in the suffering department.

With so many places in the world already struggling with extreme weather patterns, it’s clear we have to act now. Not only by recycling, but by donating to organizations helping to affect change. That’s why we at Ziva made a pledge to donate 10% of our zivaONLINE proceeds to Project Drawdown. This nonprofit is enacting the most comprehensive plan to combat global warming ever created. Learn more here!

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