Stress Relief Resources To Help Now

Even in the midst of this intensity there is so much beauty and generosity emerging.

Yoga teachers, fitness pros, even professional ballerinas are teaching classes online for people to enjoy while everyone is doing their part and hunkering down. When it’s so easy to keep your eyeballs glued to the media for updates, these things are a welcome gift.

Consuming the news can feel like a weird addiction during uncertain times, and while we must stay informed, let’s take care that we’re consuming content that is fuel vs fear.

So if you’re looking for some stress relief resources that can help you, your friends and family right now, we’re comin at ya with some goodness. These resources are all totally free and boy do we have a lot of them. Please feel free to share them far and wide with anyone who is feeling afraid.

If you’re feeling stressed: Stress Less Guided Meditation

This audio is the best for reducing stress — and it’ll chill you out waaay more than that extra glass of wine (without the hangover). Enjoy a body scan and muscle melting visualization that will lower your heart rate in minutes.

For an immunity boost: Guided Visualization for Healing

This audio is perfect to lower anxiety and strengthen your immune system. It offers powerful healing affirmations and a relaxation technique to bring you into your body. Perfect to listen to as you drift off to sleep as well.

To learn something new: zivaONLINE Preview Course

Use your time at home (if you have it) to take the first 3 days of zivaONLINE. Get two powerful mindfulness techniques you’ll learn to practice on your own. Plus it includes an extra audio download AND my favorite guided visualization for restful sleep.

If you want to binge: Our Ziva Blog

Real talk, there’s hundreds — maybe thousands — of minutes of video teachings right here on our blog. Whatever you’re interested in, you can likely find something about it on our blog. Explore tons of enriching videos, articles and recipes. You can really rabbit hole on this one.

For some community support: our Ziva Community Facebook Group!

One of our most valuable free stress relief resources is the Ziva Community Facebook Group. Ziva, it is bananas in there. And by bananas, we mean it’s basically a constant love fest. We just reached 20,000 members and it’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for some community support, especially right now when we all need it the most. There are video trainings in there that we haven’t posted anywhere else.

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