Better at Life

Amber Shirley

Ziva changed everything. It has given me the clarity and confidence to make big strides in my career and positively transform relationships with my family, …

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Cait Mathis

Moving into Mastery has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I use the tools I learned in Mastery constantly. I love more. …

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Mark Krassner

I’m more calm, present and joyful since learning at Ziva. I highly recommend Emily’s training to both beginners and seasoned meditators.

Ashok Thakur

Meditation or medication. The choice is yours. If you have trouble deciding, head to Ziva to get clarity. It changed my life. I can’t even …

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Alexandra Micheletti

Ziva meditation helps me feel better. I feel calmer and more in tune with my feelings, goals and purpose.

Kyle K.

zivaONLINE is starting to rewire my brain very quickly. I’ve never been so happy to find something so positive and to get rid of negative …

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Cheryl Moody

Ziva Meditation has changed my life. Emily is a true inspiration, and the energy she vibrates to the world is infectious.

Mary M.

Ziva is simple and easy to get into and, if done consistently, produces amazing results. I am much more in touch with myself and I …

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Mike O.

Ziva has transformed my life in a way I cannot even express with words. I am more alive than I have been in a long …

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Mari Carmen

I can’t imagine quitting meditation. The results are clear. My sleep improved, my skin looks better and I have more time. Ziva has transformed my …

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Nicole S.

I did Moving into Mastery. It was awesome and completely life changing!

Simon Mark Lewis

I went straight into Mastery from zivaONLINE and loved it. It helped me in many ways beyond meditation. I would highly recommend.

Jenny B.

I’m excited for all of Ziva! I feel like this is going to be a Master’s Degree in Life.

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