The Benefits of Ziva Meditation

The documented benefits of meditation are many — it seems that every week there is a new study about the positive effects of meditating on our brains and bodies.  Research shows that meditation can alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, improve sleep quality, enhance creativity and compassion, and so much more.

But what do real life meditators have to say about how the practice has changed their lives? We asked some of our zivaGRADS. Here’s what Stacy London, Max Lugavere, Nick Onken and others love about Ziva:

Some of our favorite excerpts:

“It’s like eating cake…but without the gluten.”

“When I came to Ziva, I was the most stressed person you would have ever met. And now…I have my own business, I’m making five times what I was, I have people who work for me. I just feel like for the first time I’m accomplishing things I never knew I could accomplish.”

“The most important thing Emily ever said to me was ‘Trying to get your brain to stop thinking is like trying to get your heart to stop beating.’ And the minute I let go of that responsibility, I could allow myself to have my thoughts and bring myself down to this very quiet, soft, safe place. And to stay there for 20 minutes doesn’t seem like enough!”

“Meditation makes me a shinier, brighter version of myself.”

“Meditation has helped calm me down and really helped with jetlag. It just always surprises me how refreshed I feel after a flight.”

“I’m kinder to myself and kinder to other people. I can take on a lot more in my life because I fuel up my tank every day twice a day and things don’t feel as overwhelming. And I sleep so much better.”

“Since learning to meditate, my tension headaches are gone, my tendonitis is gone, and I haven’t gotten sick.”

“What I’ve gathered [from the medical community] is that meditation is one of the best things you can do for your health.”

“I really feel that Emily is so well-versed in this style of meditation, that there isn’t anything she sees as a problem while you’re going through it. It’s really more than you could ask for in any teacher.”

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