The KEY to Staying Committed to Your Goals

Let’s do a quick exercise. Close your eyes and take a deep belly breath. Feel your brow soften and your shoulders drop.

Now imagine what the world would look and feel like if all 8 billion of us had meditated this morning. What if all 8 billion of us treated each other with true compassion? What if all of us felt safe? How would that change your day? Your family? Your neighborhood? Your social media feed? Enjoy this for a moment.

This is why we’re so passionate about building this global movement of meditators who are passionate about healing themselves and the planet.

And committing to healthy habits is truly so much easier when you have people to stay accountable to.

Did you know you are 95% more likely to commit to a healthy habit if you have a buddy or a community doing it with you?

Emily made a video all about the power of community and how you can use yours (or create one) that holds you to your highest. And at minute 3:30, she shares her daily (hardcore) manifesting discipline. 

If you have anyone in your life who could benefit from less stress, anxiety, overwhelm, send them here so they can get some powerful tips to reduce their stress and start performing and feeling better right now.

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