This ONE Thing Will Keep You Resilient In the Face of Stress & Anxiety

Let’s talk about adaptation energy.

Adaptation energy is the reason why meditation is the best tool for helping you to remain resilient in the face of the stress, anxiety and destruction swimming in the collective.

Here’s our definition:

Adaptation Energy

Your Ability to handle a demand or a change in expectation.

Adaptation energy is what allows us to be in flow, to surrender attachment to outcome and accept things as they are.

Here’s a real life example of what happens when you run out of it…

It’s Monday morning — your alarm doesn’t go off. Google Maps lies and tells you the commute will take 20 min, it takes 40. You stop to get a cup of coffee but they’re in the middle of brewing a new batch. This all burns up some adaptation energy. 

You leave with no coffee but now you’re late to work and your boss yells at you. You’re brought into a surprise meeting where you’re put on the spot to provide a solution to a big problem. You go blank. You call your partner to ask them to get dinner they text you back breaking up with you. A LOT more adaptation energy gone. 

You get home, stand in the kitchen, pour yourself a drink. The glass drops and shatters…

THIS is the moment where you officially run out of adaptation energy. You start crying — maybe even cursing at the glass. It doesn’t matter that it’s $2 from the dollar store. If you are out of adaptation energy, then your body will launch into fight or flight regardless of how many self help books you have read. 

So how do you refill your reservoirs of adaptation energy? Meditation. And we’ve never needed a larger reserve of adaptation energy than we do right now.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve been dealing with a nonstop change of expectation. And if you’re not refilling your reservoirs every day, it probably feels like you’re running on empty. Our demands are bigger now so it is imperative that we fill ourselves up with this ultra valuable energy. Click here to find out how. 

When we’re all showing up so big for ourselves and others, we need a way to replenish. And we have something BIG coming so very soon. Which is why we have an important question for you…

If you have anyone in your life who could benefit from less stress, anxiety, overwhelm, send them here so they can get some powerful tips to reduce their stress and start performing and feeling better right now.

We’re going to make one of the biggest announcements in Ziva history soon and you’ll both want to know about it.

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