The zivaGUIDE To Working From Home

Something that many people don’t know about the zivaTEAM? We work remotely ~90% of the time!

As working from your place of residence is a skill in itself, we wanted to compile some of our best work from home tips that help us stay productive AND keep good boundaries between work and play (even in quarantine).


Wake up at the same time every day

Having a routine helps from feeling like your days have no structure — which is vital during unconventional times like these.

Have a dedicated workspace

Don’t use WFH as an opportunity to work from your bed. Set up a space in your home that you can do your work to create work/life separation. If you’re on video calls a lot and your home allows it, set up in a place with natural light and a decent background.

Get dressed for the day

We’re not saying you need to wear jeans, but putting on a different outfit can signal to your brain it’s time for work.

Make your bed

Doing so will help you from wanting to retreat under the covers during breaks. While it can feel nice, it also messes with your work flow.

Take breaks — often

Without a full office of people to distract you (like coworkers posting up at your desk to chat), it’s easy to log many hours of uninterrupted work. Break up the day by getting up and taking concentrated breaks, especially to do your second meditation. Do some jumping jacks, a quick stretch or even just walking from one end of the house to the other. This also gives your brain a break to absorb everything it’s learning during the day.

Eat in a different space of the house or apartment

The same way you want to step away from your desk to eat when you’re at work, do the same when you’re WFH. It’s good for digestion and for you mindset.

Limit your blue light

Use blue light blocking glasses to reduce your exposure to blue light — especially if you’re working different hours than normal.

Support your teammates and over-communicate

Because our team works from home most of year, we’re experts at over-communicating and supporting our teammates remotely. Check in often and be considerate while people are getting used to working from home. It can be tricky to adjust if you’re not used to it.

Shut down your computer at the end of the day

When your work area is in the midst of your living area, it’s easy to blend the two. Pick a designated “end of day” to shut down your computer. Even saying “I’m done” and walking away from the laptop helps to signify an end point.

Be grateful you have the opportunity!

Not everyone can work from home — especially medical professionals who are on the front lines leading the charge against COVID-19. Take some time to be grateful this is an option for you.

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