Working Through Re-entry Anxiety With Therapist Thomas Jones

If you’re feeling big emotions about how to handle this rapidly changing world, Thomas Jones is here to help.

While the whole world is in varying states of reopening, many people in the United States have been experiencing re-entry anxiety as vaccines roll out and restrictions ease up.

While you may be looking forward to more hugs and travel, it would be normal if the thought of being in a crowded room of strangers is bringing up old (or new) anxiety. That’s why Emily sat down with Thomas Jones to discuss how to process this unique time.

Thomas is a psychotherapist and the founder of the Paradox Process. He is also Emily’s personal therapist.

Emily has said that working with Thomas has been one of the most profound things that’s ever happened to her. He is a master at helping people take authorship of their lives by teaching you to not only feel your feelings, but use your experiences to catapult creation and change in your life.

He also gives people powerful tools to process their feelings in times of emotional upheaval — something we could all benefit from right now.

In the interview, Thomas walks Emily through an exercise to work through re-entry anxiety.

Like meditation, this exercise is simple — but don’t confuse simplicity for weakness.

In our experience, the most profound tools are the simplest.

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