Your Stress Less, Accomplish More Book Club Kit

Are you in any book clubs?

So many of you shared that Stress Less, Accomplish More changed your life for the better and you want to share it with your office/church/class/friends. Thank you.

We want to make it so easy to assemble your friends and family who are interested in eliminating stress, sleeping better and increasing performance at work.

(Is there anyone in your life who doesn’t fit in that category?)

Rally the troops and let them know: you have a book club kit!

Reading a book with a group of people makes the experience so much richer (it’s like all the good parts of high school English class with none of the pressure or teenage angst).

Book clubs are especially helpful for a book like Stress Less, Accomplish More which has a learning component as it teaches mindfulness, meditation and manifesting.

After teaching Ziva for 9 years and hearing the feedback on this book for almost a year, we have a good handle on what questions will come up. That’s why in the book club kit, we broke each chapter down and suggested some questions for you and your group to tackle together.

So without further ado… here it is!

Download your Stress Less, Accomplish More book club kit

If you’re on the fence, hear what these two recent readers of the book have to say:

I am three weeks into practicing the technique I learned in Stress Less, Accomplish More. I am loving it, and finding I am waking before my alarm most mornings, ready to jump in! – Jennifer B.

I bought and tore through the book as fast as I could! The biggest benefit I’ve had using The Z Technique is a reduction in my anxiety, which I can see mapped on my Fitbit app. I was having near constant anxiety attacks everyday. Since Day 1 with the Technique, my resting heart rate has dropped — now it is almost back down to my usual resting HR before the attacks started. I’m definitely going to keep this going! – Grace E.

The best part: once you all learn what’s inside Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance, you can’t unlearn it. You will have these powerful tools to take with you for life.

Another piece of good news? The book is about to come out in paperback (it’ll hit shelves on Feb 18). This means they’re about to be more portable — making it easy as pie to carry a stack to your next book club meeting.

How simple is that?

Get your book club kit here.

Haven’t yet gotten your copy of Stress Less, Accomplish More? Learn more about it here!

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