Ziva vs. Meditation Apps

Have you ever downloaded a free meditation app on your phone? I’m willing to bet you’ve at least considered the idea. After all, why would anyone pay for meditation when there are so many free apps?

Well that question brings me back to the popular adage:

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

These meditation apps are giving you the fish. What I’m interested in is teaching you how to fish for yourself.

At Ziva, we’re all about self-sufficiency so you don’t need:

  • incense
  • a quiet room
  • headphones
  • sound bowls
  • or dudes playing drums on your chest in order to meditate.

What you do need? Your bum in a chair and a bit of training.

Also, there are some fundamental differences in what’s going on in your brain and body when you’re doing something like Ziva versus a meditation app.

Most meditation apps are teaching mindfulness exclusively, which is a powerful way to get grounded and in your body right now. But this work doesn’t do the deep healing we need to get rid of the stress from our past and get us out of the chronic fight or flight most of us are operating under. In order to do that we need something stronger — something like Ziva.

It also makes me sad to think so many people feel reliant on technology in order to tap into their bliss and fulfillment. Do you really want to be dependent on your phone for meditation? Do you want to be connected to technology when you’re trying to unplug and connect with your higher self? I don’t think so.

I made this video to explain this all some more. In it, I discuss:

  • How meditation apps are designed to keep your eyeballs tethered to your phone
  • Why mindfulness is a “state change” while meditation is a “trait change”
  • The power of being able to do this thing anywhere and everywhere

Watch How is Ziva Different From an App?

If you’re ready to start fishing for yourself, you’re in luck. Click here to enroll in zivaONLINE and see just how good life can get.

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