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Stress is Costly

Stress costs US industry $300 billion annually. Companies and employees suffer in the form of more sick days, low productivity, and the opportunity cost of sub-optimal performance.

But there’s a solution.

It’s been proven over and over (and over) again: Meditation is an incredibly powerful stress-relieving tool that boosts productivity, innovation and creativity. 

Meditation is THE high performance tool of CEOs, movie stars, pro athletes and Oprah. More and more businesses (including Goldman Sachs and Google) are adopting it as an employee benefit — and more and more job seekers are expecting it. In 2017, Corporate Wellness Magazine named paying for meditation classes one of 6 Key Ways To Reduce Employee Stress While Remaining Efficient.

The Science

Meditation has been proven to improve and enhance:

Productivity, focus and clarity

When the body is in “fight or flight” mode, mental capacity decreases. Meditation reduces stress and allows you to perform at the top of your game. Plus, Aetna’s CEO told The New York Times that employees who meditated gained over an hour of productivity each week

Leadership skills

According to Harvard Business Review, meditation can put you in the right mindset for delivering an important critical presentation, running a demanding contentious meeting, or making high-stakes strategic decisions.

Creative Problem-solving

Studies and brain scans have shown that meditators have a thicker corpus callosum than non-meditators. It’s the thing that connects the right and left hemispheres of your brain and the thicker it is, the better they communicate. So when you need creative troubleshooting, you want all hands on deck — especially your right brain, which is in charge of creativity, imagination, intuition and insight. Stroke of genius, anyone?

Emotional Intelligence

Studies show that meditators have high emotional intelligence, making them better equipped to pick up on intangible subtleties and successfully navigate difficult conversations. This super power helps you understand (and utilize) what’s important for the other party in a negotiation.


50% of adults suffer from insomnia a few nights a week. Meditation provides you with super efficient, deep, healing rest to get rid of stress in the body, so you can use your sleep as a time for sleep. Ziva has a 90% success rate with eradicating students’ insomnia.

Stress reduction

45% of women in the US take medication for anxiety and/or depression. JAMA Internal Medicine found that meditation helps effectively heal depression and anxiety by flooding the brain with dopamine & serotonin.

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How Does Ziva Uplevel Performance?

Ziva takes the benefits of meditation to a whole new level. Most existing corporate meditation programs offer mindfulness techniques (think: guided visualizations, app downloads, hiring a teacher to drop-in repeatedly…).

Once employees learn The Ziva Technique, they can meditate on their own…for life. The technique is so simple to practice (no clearing the mind, sitting in lotus position or incense required). And at Ziva, we strive to make meditation as entertaining and accessible as possible. Plus we teach and troubleshoot how to seamlessly incorporate the practice into daily life and work.

The Ziva Technique is the only meditation training to combine mindfulness, meditation and manifesting — a trifecta whose impact is far more effective than traditional mindfulness tools and was developed exclusively to help high performers step into their full potential.

The benefits of a Ziva practice permeate far beyond productivity at work…

  • Radically less stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Improved relationships
  • More patience and presence
  • Improved immune function (aka fewer sick days!)

But it all comes full circle — happy employees mean more money for the business. Case in point: Forbes recently reported that the “Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ stock prices rose an average of 14% per year over a 7 year period, compared to 6% for the overall market.”

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Case Study:

According to The New York Times, Aetna’s CEO Mark Bertolini has offered meditation classes to Aetna employees; more than 13,000 workers have participated. The results?

a GAIN of $3,000 per employee per year

Workers who meditated gained an average of 62 minutes of productivity per person per week,
worth $3,000 per employee per year.

Not to mention, those who participated also reported. on average:

28% reduction in stress levels

20% improvement in steep quality

19% reduction in pain

Demand for the programs continues to rise; every class is overbooked.
Read the article here.

Meet Emily, Founder of Ziva Meditation

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the leading expert in meditation for extraordinary performance. Emily trained in India and the US for 3 years to become a meditation teacher, founded Ziva in 2011 and has taught more than 20,000 students worldwide. Her bestselling book Stress Less, Accomplish More debuted at #7 out of all books on Amazon.

The New York Times, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Vogue and ABC News have all featured Emily’s work. She’s been named one of the top 100 women in wellness to watch and has spoken on meditation for performance at Apple, Google, Harvard Business School and Barclays Bank. Ziva graduates include Oscar, Grammy, Tony & Emmy award winners, NBA players, Navy SEALs, Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs and busy parents.

Corporate Offerings

License zivaONLINE

Give your employees access to our flagship meditation training, zivaONLINE — the training itself takes ~30 mins/day for 15 days, but can be done at one’s own pace over 6 months. Once students graduate the course, they will be self-sufficient meditators with a powerful practice for life. No apps, drop-ins or other follow-ups required. Plus: depending on the size of your team, Emily will deliver either an in-person or virtual followup session with all participants.

Fill out the form below to get more info and learn about custom options to test-drive the course.

Included with zivaONLINE:

  • The 15-day course to learn The Ziva Technique and a life-changing daily practice to take with you for life
  • Exclusive to your team: live follow-up coaching session with Emily
  • Live monthly coaching calls with Emily once you graduate
  • Access to the private zivaONLINE community
  • 4 pre-recorded Q&A sessions
  • 4 FREE downloadable guided meditations for travel, sleep, stress release, performance
  • Tons of Bonus Content including The Neuroscience of Stress and a Pep Talk in Your Pocket
  • 6 months of advanced video lectures delivered via email
  • Top notch customer service from the experienced meditators on our team

Help Your Team Stress Less and Accomplish More

Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance is an entertaining and enlightening book by Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation—the favorite training for high achievers.

In our high-stress, overworked lives, we think the answer to accomplishing more is to do more. But when you make time to practice the technique this book teaches, you’ll actually be more productive than if you took an hour-and-a-half nap or had a cup of coffee. In Stress Less, Accomplish More, what you’ll learn will improve your personal and professional performance, clarity, health, and sleep.

How it works:

  • Ziva will broker an exclusive bulk-priced purchase of Stress Less, Accomplish More for your team.
  • We’ll share our framework and tips for hosting an in-office book club, including chapter-by-chapter discussion questions to foster learning and connection.
  • Optional add-on: live follow-up coaching session with Emily

zivaLIVE for an Executive Team

zivaLIVE is our premier and most powerful training in the Ziva Technique — we call it the Maserati of meditation. It’s faster and stronger than what is taught online or via the book and you’ll join an elite group of graduates. Emily has taught custom and private zivaLIVE courses for professional athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, Oscar and Grammy winners and daytime television hosts. Emily will travel to your office to teach the team in person over the course of 4 days (about 2 hours each day). Participants will learn a powerful meditation practice, get in-depth knowledge about the neuroscience of stress plus the ancient philosophy behind what makes this practice so transformative. The benefits of this meditation practice are profound: deeper sleep, better clarity and focus, increased productivity, improved immune function and more.

Included with zivaLIVE:

  • The 4-day course to learn The Ziva Technique and a life-changing daily practice to take with you for life
  • Exclusive to your team: live follow-up coaching session with Emily
  • Access to the private zivaLIVE community
  • Lifetime access to come take the course again and again at Ziva at no cost. Graduates of zivaLIVE may come sit in on the 4-day course as many times as they like.
  • Lifetime access to monthly group meditations at Ziva
  • Top notch customer service from the experienced meditators on our team

Guided Meditations (exclusive to NYC area)

These hour-long sessions led by a trained zivaTEACHER are Ziva’s only guided meditation offering. Quick Hits of Bliss are a great way to introduce your team to Ziva and learn about how meditation can alleviate stress and uplevel performance. The teacher will travel to your office and provide a ~40-min lecture and Q&A followed by a ~20-min guided meditation based on your team’s interests and needs.

How it works:

  • Select a topic (or suggest your own!) for your zivaTEACHER to speak on: increasing productivity, health benefits of meditation, improving creativity, emotional intelligence, etc.
  • Book a package of 5 or more for a discount

Book Emily for a Conference

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the leading expert in meditation for extraordinary performance. She’s been named one of the top 100 women in wellness to watch, has taught more than 20,000 students around the world and has spoken on meditation for performance at Apple, Google, Harvard Business School and Barclays Bank. See more about Emily’s work and speaking reel at

    Corporate Success Stories

    “I actually sold more real estate in the first six months of this year of meditation than I did the entire previous year! That’s right — I worked less…and accomplished more.”

    - Christie Orros, Realtor

    “I tried Headspace and used it daily with my company in my previous job. It didn’t stick with me because, frankly, it was lovely but meaningless. I could get the same benefit from doing breathing exercises sitting by myself on a bench. The deep work I’ve done with my Ziva training, using my mantra, is incredibly meaningful. The health and emotional benefits have been profound.”

    - Chris Stevens, SVP Sales

    I used to feel stressed and overwhelmed at work, Ziva has kept me super productive. I don’t get as tired and now have a burst of energy following my afternoon meditation.

    - Joe Korfmacher, Director of College Counseling

    “It’s amazing what I’ve been able to accomplish since incorporating Ziva into my work. When I started meditating, I stopped spinning my wheels and started making 6-figures while doing way, way, way less.”

    - Daniella Rabbani, Actress, The Americans, Ocean’s 8

    “My company brought Ziva to work as part of our heath and wellness program and the feedback has been incredible.  Employees feel less stressed, a sense of calm, more clarity in meetings, better relationships with peers. Some employees schedule important meetings after their afternoon mediation because they will feel more alert and prepared.  It’s created a positive shift and has fostered community among employees that is far deeper than we ever imagined.”

    - Catherine Peterson, Supervisor at Liquidnet

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