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$300 billion

How much stress costs US industry annually.

What’s all the fuss?

Meditation is the not-so-secret secret weapon of Fortune 500 CEOs, professional athletes, and yes, even Oprah. It’s proven to:

  • Increase productivity, focus and clarity
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Enhance creative problem-solving
  • Optimize emotional intelligence
  • Plus, improve sleep, reduce stress and combat anxiety


The amount saved per employee per year at Aetna after they employed a corporate meditation program.

“My company brought Ziva to work. The feedback has been incredible! Employees feel less stressed, have more clarity in meetings and better relationships with peers. It’s fostered community among employees that is far deeper than we ever imagined.”

Cathi Peterson
Supervisor at Liquidnet

Corporate Offerings


License zivaONLINE

Bring our flagship meditation training to your team. Everyone will learn a meditation technique they can do on their own for life after graduating from the entertaining and accessible 15-day course.


Buy the Book

Emily Fletcher’s bestselling book Stress Less, Accomplish More teaches a simple practice and is packed with the neuroscience and ancient wisdom to back it up. Get a copy for everyone on your team.


zivaLIVE for an Executive Team

This training is the Maserati of meditation. It’s a 4-day training (only 1.5 hours a day) perfect for leaders looking for profound transformation and an increase in consciousness.


Book Emily for a Conference

Bring Emily onstage and get ready to see meditation in a whole new light. See Emily’s speaking reel at zivameditation.com/bookemily.

I’ve been working with Olympic athletes and high achievers for 20+ years — I refer my clients to Emily Fletcher because her system works. She takes the benefits of meditation to a whole new level.

Todd Herman
Top Performance Coach & Best Selling author

Case Study: Aetna

More than 13,000 Aetna employees participated in company meditation classes.
Workers who meditated gained 62 minutes of productivity per person, per week as well as:


Reduction in stress leevels


Improvement in sleep quality


Reduction in pain

Ziva at Work

“I sold more real estate in the first six months of this year of meditation than I did the entire previous year! That’s right — I worked less…and accomplished more.”


“I tried Headspace and used it daily with my company in my previous job. It didn’t stick with me because, frankly, it was lovely but meaningless. The deep work I’ve done with my Ziva training is incredibly meaningful. The health and emotional benefits have been profound.”

SVP Sales

“I used to feel stressed and overwhelmed at work, Ziva has kept me super productive. I don’t get as tired and now have a burst of energy following my afternoon meditation.”

Director of College Counseling

“It’s amazing what I’ve been able to accomplish since incorporating Ziva into my work. When I started meditating, I stopped spinning my wheels and started making 6-figures while doing way, way, way less.”

Actress, The Americans

“Ziva gave me more relaxation and clarity. It’s unequivocally one of the best investments you can make.”

National Director at Global Citizen

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