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Day 1
The Bridge Between Science and Spirit

We will start with a deep dive on the fundamentals.

What do I do if my meditations are feeling shallow?
How do I (re) commit to 2x a day and why?
How can I use this to help my sleep?
What are the long term health and longevity benefits?

Technique: Body Feeling Technique

Become a channel between the natural realm and the cosmic realm. This is a simple but powerful tool you can use when you are in crisis mode or to help you fall asleep more quickly and deeply.

Day 2
Rounding: Industrial-Strength Meditation

How can my 2x a day Ziva practice enrich my spiritual path?
How does Ziva interact with breathwork, psychedelics, pleasure practices and channeling?

Technique: Rounding

Rounding is lovingly called “industrial strength meditation” This is a combination of very specific and gentle yoga asanas, a breathwork practice, Ziva Meditation and chetanasana (resting pose).

Rounding is designed to deeply de-excite your nervous system so you can release old stress and trauma stored in your cells. This is to be done with extreme care as it can kick up quite a lot of old feelings.

Day 3
Connecting to your Cosmic Body

Go on a journey deep inside your own body then out to the farthest reaches of the universe

Technique: Cosmic Body Technique

Cosmic body is a powerful tool that feels like a psychedelic journey you can add after any meditation. It will take you on a journey deep inside your own body then out to the farthest reaches of the universe ultimately reminding you viscerally that you are the universe and the universe is you. You will use a combination of your mantra and location guidance to blend together effort and surrender ultimately suturing together your left and right brains

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