5-day Stress Detox Challenge

Life is more fun with less stress.

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Stop stress in its tracks

Because if you’re not managing your stress, your stress is managing you.

Invite joy into your day

Create daily habits for your mind and body that you’ll actually use (because they’re fun).

Commit to you

Learn a simple but powerful daily practice you can use long after the challenge is over.

What to expect:

  • Daily challenges that build on each other — by the end you’ll have a killer stress detox routine you can use whenever you need it.
  • 5 scientifically proven stress relieving techniques delivered in a fun and easy way
  • Community support from the zivaTEAM and thousands of challenge participants

You don’t create your future…

You create your daily habits. And they create your future.

Randy Gage

You can’t imagine how drastically my mental state changed during the Stress Detox Challenge. I went from constant anxiety to calm and collected in a matter of days.


You can do these techniques anywhere and they WORK. I’ve incorporated some of them into my classroom and I see the effect it has on my students.


I have food intolerances and recently had a stress response from something I ate. I applied these techniques and noticed my headache went away instantly.


What I learned in this 5-day challenge is not just for today or tomorrow, but a LIFESTYLE to live & breathe by!


I am over the moon about all these new tools that I enjoy so much, and am blown away by all of you and your sharing and encouragement. Thank you!!


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