Emily Fletcher on Dr. Mark Hyman’s Podcast:
The Doctor’s Farmacy

Why Dr. Mark Hyman says meditation is the new medicine

Too often, we denounce our body and all of its amazing abilities — focusing far too much attention on simply how it looks. But what if instead we place our attention on what a blessing it is to nourish and care for ourselves so we can live our best lives?

By bringing your body into balance, you allow it to function optimally so you can not only feel better, but ultimately enjoy your life a lot more.

It’s pretty amazing, and I’m grateful for people like Dr. Mark Hyman who are tapped into the profound ways we can help to heal our bodies beyond traditional means.

Mark is the Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine and a 15-time New York Times bestselling author. He’s also a dear friend.

In 2016 I was honored to teach Mark The Ziva Technique, and we’ve since talked many times about how meditation is medicine — helping with sleep, the neurological effects of stress on our brains and bodies (and how meditation reverses them), and why today Mark says he doesn’t have time NOT to meditate.

I had the pleasure of joining Mark on his podcast The Doctor’s Farmacy where we dove deep into why this practice is so essential to a healthy life — and why he says he prescribes Ziva to his patients.

We had a great conversation that hit a ton of topics and provided lots of scientific evidence for what I teach. Since the podcast aired, I’ve gotten SO many notes from new students saying after they heard our conversation, they were ready to finally commit to a Ziva practice.

When Mark and I first met, he didn’t have a daily meditation practice. Now, the ease of Ziva and the ROI of his time investment in the practice makes it a no brainer for him to commit… and why he prescribes zivaONLINE to his patients.

Mark says, “It can feel like you don’t have time to meditate. But you get so much more time from it. You start to feel so much more clear and present throughout the day because you’ve actually dropped into who you are — without the stress that’s laid over your daily consciousness.

So yes, you ‘lose’ time during your time meditating, but it’s not really a loss because you’re actually way more focused, way more connected, way more present, way more able to actually be a great parent, be a great spouse, do the work you want to do in the world and be great about it.

I am shocked by what Ziva has done for me. I am calmer, less anxious and have so much more energy now. After I meditate I feel refreshed like I’ve had a long nap. For the few minutes I invest in Ziva, I get back three hours of productivity. I don’t have time not to meditate.:

With benefits like deeper sleep, improved immune function, way more energy and focus and even better sex, who doesn’t have time to meditate?

The fastest, most fun way to learn is in 15 minutes a day over 15 days with zivaONLINE. If you’re meditation curious-check it out here.

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