Emily Fletcher on The Life Stylist Podcast

If you’ve noticed a lot going on at Ziva lately, you’re not wrong. From our gorgeous new studio in Soho, to our Facebook Lives every week in the Ziva Community, to our brand new online meditation training, all the way to our new book — we are full steam ahead!

On this episode of The Life Stylist Podcast Ziva founder Emily Fletcher joins Luke Storey for a conversation that will challenge your spiritual, intellectual, and skeptical sides. Check out the episode by clicking below to hear all about these exciting things happening at Ziva today, the ins and outs of the Ziva Technique (you know that manifesting thing you keep hearing about?) and what’s coming up.

Also in this episode:

  • What the point of meditating is (hint: it’s not to get good at meditation)
  • Why Emily’s personal mission is to make meditation mainstream
  • Why 44% of American adult women are on anti-depressants
  • The science behind why meditation is the number one best thing you can do for your mind and body

Have a listen to The Life Stylist Podcast here or on iTunes.

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