Emily Fletcher on Essentially You with Dr. Mariza

“Harvard researchers estimate that 80% of doctors’ visits are caused by stress. Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool available by natural means.”

Dr. Mariza is an educator, Amazon best-selling author, wife and wellness advocate. Eleven years ago she found herself chronically sick, tired and overwhelmed. She decided to turn her life around by making simple changes and has now dedicated her life to helping others help themselves. Tune in to this special meeting of the minds on the Essentially You podcast as Emily and Dr. Mariza talk wellness. If you have never considered meditation before, or are struggling with insomnia or anxiety, let Emily show you why it may be the path to your most productive, happiest and healthiest life yet.

Listen in to the Essentially You Podcast here to learn:

-3 ways to manage anxiety so it doesn’t manage you
-The difference between mindfulness and meditation
-Learn what the Ziva technique is all about
-How meditation can cure insomnia, reduce anxiety and help you enjoy your life more

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