Emily Fletcher on Sexy Soul Radio Podcast


Ziva Meditation founder Emily Fletcher joins Caty Pasternak on the Sexy Soul Radio Podcast to give you immense clarity on how you can use meditation for personal change and transformation. If you’ve been dabbling around with apps, guided meditations, or feeling completely hopeless in accessing altered states of consciousness, this is going to be a game changing interview for you!

Also on this episode of Sexy Soul Radio:

– The difference between mindfulness and meditation (and why we need both to transform our lives)
– How to release toxic stress patterns from the past with altered states of consciousness
– How to utilize The Ziva Technique to manifest more powerfully (and why we are more powerful in that state)
– Why meditation is a MUST for high-achievers and how to utilize it to create more flow and abundance in your life
– How to utilize meditation during pregnancy
– How to elegantly introduce meditation to your children

You can also tune in on iTunes.

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