Emily Fletcher on the Bregman Leadership Podcast

Ziva Meditation founder Emily Fletcher joins Peter Bregman, the host of the Peter Bregman Leadership Podcast on his show that features short conversations with thought leaders focused on ideas that people can use to become more powerful and courageous leaders.

Peter Bregman is the CEO of Bregman Partners, Inc., a company that strengthens leadership in people and in organizations. Peter is also an Ivy League graduate, best-selling author, business coach and well-seasoned meditator.

In this episode Emily and Peter discuss The Ziva Technique, Ziva’s brand-new meditation training zivaONLINE, how Emily found this style of meditation, and why Peter was so surprised by his experience with zivaONLINE.

Also in this episode:

-The difference between mindfulness and meditation
-The science behind why meditation works
-How to break free from the I’ll-be-happy-when syndrome
-The surprising benefits to your relationship meditation can have

Check out the episode below or listen in on iTunes.

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