Emily Fletcher talks with The Urban Monk Podcast

Ziva Meditation founder Emily Fletcher joins Pedram Shojai on The Urban Monk Podcast to discuss meditation from A to Z. Emily shares how she found meditation, what her number one goal is in this world, and the science behind why The Ziva Technique will change your life.

Listen in on iTunes to hear:

  • The game-changing moment Emily experienced the very first night after she learned to meditate.
  • Why humans today are so resistant to feeling their feelings (and why it’s hurting us).
  • Where to to find your fulfillment (hint: it’s not on Instagram, and it’s not in your bank account).
  • How to learn this life changing practice.
  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation.
  • Why meditation is the single most important piece of mental hygiene that you must practice every day.
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