Mastering Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting

Ziva Meditation founder Emily Fletcher joins Mark Shapiro on the Are You Being Real Podcast to discuss Emily’s journey from Broadway to becoming a meditation teacher, and how she overcame her perfectionism and cured her insomnia along the way. Emily also shares her theory of the three modes of life, and how recognizing which mode you are in can help you make the best decision in each moment. Tune in to learn how you can take your life — and your productivity — to the next level!

Also in this episode..

– How Ziva works

– Emily’s journey from Broadway to meditation

– How Emily overcame perfectionism and cured insomnia

– Why meditation helps with performance

– The three modes of life… and where we get caught

– Emily’s go-to productivity hacks

– The difference between mindfulness and meditation

– Why we search for fulfillment

– Where happiness lives

– The truth about love

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