Emily Fletcher on The Broken Brain Podcast

Is stress getting the best of you? Have you heard the saying that stress makes you stupid, sick, and slow? How many of your health problems are related to stress? Dr. Mark Hyman’s schedule is jam-packed every single day, and he shares that the only way he can approach his work and his life with clarity is by taking time to press pause every single day with Ziva Meditation.

This week on The Broken Brain Podcast the executive producer of Broken Brain, Dhru, talks to Emily about how meditation can be life-changing. A regular practice can literally change the chemistry and biology of your brain as well as positively affect your relationships and your work.

Tune in to learn how meditation can actually give you time back, how it relaxes your central nervous system, can reduce effects of jet lag, is very helpful to new parents, and much more.


In this episode, we also dive into:

– Why do we have a love/hate relationship with meditation? (2:16)
– All about Emily and her meditation journey (5:04)
– How does meditation help us manage stress? (9:52)
– The financial and emotional cost of stress (13:50)
– Why don’t people meditate? (15:46)
– The difference between mindfulness and meditation (18:40)
– Emily’s work with Dr. Hyman (24:22)
– Finding what matters in our lives using meditation (28:48)
– What does meditation look like for Emily? (36:25)
– Results and when to expect them (40:45)
– Teaching kids meditation (47:52)
– The science behind how meditation impacts brain health (50:12)

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