Untangle Podcast: Emily Fletcher + Patricia Karpas

Ziva Meditation founder Emily Fletcher joins Patricia Karpas on Untangle to discuss how meditation can have a dramatic, positive impact on your life plus real life examples and the science behind how meditation can change your body and brain.

Also in this episode:

  • Why top performers (we define this as someone who wants to be better tomorrow than they are today) come to Ziva Meditation.
  • How technology (like your smartphone) is impacting your brain.
  • Why exactly stress makes you stupid, and how Ziva can fix that.
  • What exactly The Ziva Technique is, and why the three M’s (mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting) are the most powerful trifecta you’re ever going to need.

If you’re interested in learning more or starting your own practice, click here to test drive the first 3 days of our flagship meditation training, zivaONLINE. What do you have to lose? (Besides stress.)

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