“A dream you dream alone is a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
John Lennon 


Use the most creative force in the cosmos
to fuel your big dream

Evidence of Magic is a new kind of mastermind designed to let you dream bigger, create faster, and feel better than your current paradigm will allow. 

I’m Emily Fletcher & I Believe:

We can’t build a world we can’t imagine.

The speed with which we must build a new earth demands non-linear strategies.

We MUST fully harness the most creative force Nature has given us.

Holding the vision together will help anchor us through the even bigger waves of change on the way.

Healing doesn’t have to be hard, or take a long time. It can be fast and extraordinarily pleasurable.

Your dream will shape you into the person required to execute on it.

What is the Point of Evidence of Magic?

You know that you are here for greatness. You did not incarnate just to pay bills, pay taxes, run errands, feel guilty about not working out and feel guilty about not meditating enough.  You know that you are in this body at this moment in history for a reason.

What we need now is people who are lit up and are ready to play big. Who will wake up to our divine, creative potential, be brave enough to hold a vision for the species. Who are willing to come together, to collaborate, to feel amazing and to play a very big game. 

This is the point of Evidence of Magic. To help you remember the more beautiful future your heart knows is possible.  And I really believe that the only way to truly turn things around is through magic. I don’t mean just hippie dippy, woo woo nonsense. I mean evidence backed, proven tools.  Ancient modalities that actually change your neurochemistry, your neuroplasticity and in turn… your reality. 

From this place I want to help you get crystal clear on your magic wand scenario for the planet. And more importantly your role in birthing that dream into reality.

I am Living Proof of this Work…

I am living proof of this work. Two years ago I went through a major life change at the same time the world was experiencing a huge transition.  I was feeling so alone and afraid, it was hard to eat. My anxiety levels started increasing and I was spending a LOT of time and energy worrying about the worst case scenario. 

In moments of clarity, I would remember to “place the order.” I started putting my attention on what I DO want instead of worshiping my fears. And boy did Nature deliver. I got handed a makeshift PhD in sacred sexuality and manifesting tools from world class experts.

I also got crystal clear on my BIG dream for the species and what my role is to play in making this dream a reality. This changed my whole life for the better. This is what I want for you. This is why I am creating this mastermind. 

Now while using the same tools we will practice in Evidence of Magic, I have manifested: 

  • An all expenses paid trip to meet the Dalai Lama in India
  • A romantic relationship beyond my wildest dreams
  • The best physical shape of my life
  • A trip to ANTARCTICA
  • An all expenses paid trip on a yacht in Croatia
  • The most fun, creative, audacious global community of friends who party like I do
  • A great fit of a school for my son
  • My dream blended family
  • A 2.5 month sabbatical that not only didn’t shrink my business but helped it to GROW! 
  • 1 million person podcast sharing my new dream
  • Hosting my first retreat using these tools and it BLEW MY MIND
  • Got a “surprise” check from an affiliate for $17K because they made a “bookkeeping error”
  • The ability to TRUST myself and Nature even more
  • Strengthened my most important familial relationships and am breaking lineage trauma patterns 
  • The beautiful images on this website were gifted to me
  • And WAY more Evidence of Magic that I will share in the mastermind. 

Why does this matter?

Because these experiences and people have all advanced my mission of helping people live full spectrum lives so they can solve the challenges we are facing as a species (and have a great time doing it!)

This is what I want for you. In this Mastermind and beyond.

Magic led me to you

Over the past two years, Nature has brought me world class teachers and sacred playgrounds to develop this work. From private clients, to intimate retreats, and big stages. Now r, I am opening up these powerful embodied manifesting practices to a small group of A players who want to birth a new earth that their hearts know is possible. 

What do I mean when I say A Player? It doesn’t mean you have to be an expert. It means you are open, curious, committed, and want to leave the earth better than you found it. This mastermind and these tools are accessible to everyone regardless of your experience level.

I am not special. Nature wants to give you your dreams, we simply have to remind ourselves to place the order and then do the work clearing our channel to receive the abundance. 

Applications for Evidence of Magic are now closed.

Check back soon to discover how you can join the next cohort.

Want more info? Join me for a FREE, live event:
A Taste of Magic on June 14 at 3p ET

You’ll be able to ask your questions and learn about how the program will work, what sort of embodied manifesting practices we’ll be doing, and whether it’s the right fit for you.

Plus, we’ll do a live activation to get in our bodies before we dive into Manifesting Coaching so you can see firsthand the type of work we’ll do together in the container.

Join the Waitlist for Evidence of Magic

You’ll be the first to know when we open spots in June 2023.


What is Evidence of Magic and how does it work?

Evidence of Magic is a very intimate mastermind open to only 30 people who are ready to play Game B… i.e. create a new Earth, help solve the big challenges we are facing as a species and have a GREAT time doing it.

This is not just group coaching. This will be a game with the most advanced tools I have found to help you magnetize everything you need to make the impact on the world you incarnated to make. Expect next level, life-altering, cosmic creation where we’ll be working on the energetic plane & the practical plane in equal measure. 

Even though the tools are advanced, you don’t have to be. I am excited to be working with people at all experience levels, especially those who are new and curious.

This program is a mix of spiritual and real life mentoring, and will transform 6 key areas of your life as we look at the wheel of your life.

Each month, we will play a new manifesting game using powerful embodiment tools like breath work, pleasure prayer and “day dreaming.” Every month you will have a new buddy to play your game with. Most magic wins.

We will open our six month mastermind container with an in-person five day retreat from Sept 14-18! 

This is where we will meet, inevitably fall in love with each other, create group coherence and learn the embodied manifesting tools we will practice over our six months together. Get ready for five days of profound transformation, trauma integration, enhanced pleasure and clarity on your big dream for the species. 

“Remember the Future” Retreat: Sept 20-24 in Las Catalinas

At our opening retreat, you will learn how to assess your level of charge, or life force, and channel it toward your manifestations for you and the planet. Expect to walk away with the profound understanding of the universe of possibility and ecstasy that lives inside you. The retreat will include an optional, legal, doctor-facilitated medicine ceremony.

Here you will get clear on your dream for the species and get initiated into the practices we will use to manifest including:

  • Emotional Interval Training
  • Pleasure Prayer
  • Embodied Manifesting
  • Breathwork
  • Release Rituals
  • Sound Healing
  • Communal Integration
  • Trauma-informed Space Holding

But the retreat is truly just the beginning.

Attendance at this retreat is mandatory to be in Evidence of Magic.

Stories from Evidence of Magic Members

Chetal P.

Evidence of Magic Member

Evidence of Magic is the biggest investment I have ever made in myself and I can honestly say that it is a bargain for the PhD in life that I am getting through this program.

It started with the amazing humans I have met and have now become part of my lifelong community. Souls who connected within hours of meeting at the retreat in Costa Rica. The most generous group of humans who share their gifts freely and constantly lift each other up. The kind of humans who push you to be a better version of yourself.

Of course there is also Emily herself, bringing her wisdom and sharing all the tools in her toolbox as she guides us, teaching us techniques and rituals to help us uplevel. Emotional Alchemy has changed how I move emotions through my body. Pleasure prayer has taken my manifesting powers to a new level—I manifested my dream company reaching out to me with a job opportunity!

The daily daydreams have challenged me to create a day (and life) where I control how I spend my most valuable asset—my time.

I am empowered to do anything I want with this life. I am authentic. I am living in integrity. These are not words I would have used to describe myself even 6 months ago. And we are only halfway through! Why isn’t everyone signed up for this yet?!

Dianne T

Evidence of Magic Member

Are you considering Evidence of Magic? What could it do for you? Maybe I can share what it has done for me to offer guidance and solidify what might be holding you back from investing in yourself…

The past 18 months have been life changing for me on many fronts and I had to put my head down to provide for myself and my three daughters. I did not take the time to reflect or heal but knew I would when the time was right.

I received an email from Evidence of Magic and as I read it, I knew this was what I needed to do to start my healing journey. For the first three months of this course (only half way through), here are a few things that have happened in my life:

  1. I was gifted $15k, that just showed up!
  2. I have met and am dating a man who treats me with more respect, love and adoration than I’ve ever experienced or witnessed in my entire life.
  3. I was offered a job by a company who wants to triple my income.
  4. I’ve realized that I do not need to push constantly and try to force things to happen. Nature is bringing me everything I need.
  5. I have been releasing past stress that’s been stored in my body for a long time and getting clear on my mission in life!

You are worth it! Emily Fletcher and Evidence of Magic will change you so you can make an impact with your life and to every life you interact with. DO IT!!

Why It Works

It’s true. Stress makes you stupid sick and slow. You know that. But when the dream is big and important then it is easy to start worrying and call that “responsible.” Worry can masquerade as love or devotion. This mastermind is going to remind you just how much magic you can create when you transmute worry into wonder.

It sounds woo woo. It’s not. Your brain has a filter. It’s called your RAS (Reticular Activating System) and if left to its own devices, it will filter in any potentially life threatening circumstances. i.e. worry. However when you learn to program it, it can act like a full blown magnet for your dreams. 

Programming your brain to look for opportunities is only part of the magic. Did you know you are 95% more likely to succeed at something if you have an accountability buddy and a time to check in? 95%. Each month you are going to be paired with a new dream teammate to “compete” for which team can make the most magic in that month’s area. 

Feel Good. Place the Order. (Repeat.)

How much time and energy are you spending worshiping your worries? For most people it is staggering: hours a day, every day. 

What happens when you spend even a fraction of that lifeforce practicing pleasure and believing a more beautiful world is possible? (Hint: It looks and feels like magic… and it will save you so much time.)

Our energy leaks when we expect something bad to happen. Hedging against something bad happening is energy we could be pouring into the magic wand scenario. 

By the way, if you are accepted then we are going to send you your very own custom created magic wand! 

Feel Good. Place the Order. (Repeat.)

How much time and energy are you spending worshiping your worries? For most people it is staggering: hours a day, everyday. 

What happens when you spend even a fraction of that lifeforce practicing pleasure and believing a more beautiful world is possible? (Hint: It looks and feels like magic and it will save you so much time)

Our energy leaks when we expect something bad to happen. Hedging against something bad happening is energy we could be pouring into the magic wand scenario. 

By the way, if you are accepted then we are going to send you your very own custom created magic wand! 

Mag·ic /ˈmajik/

1. the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

It won’t be a mystery once you join this mastermind…and you will indeed feel SUPERnatural. We will practice harnessing the most powerful force in Nature and directing it toward your dreams. And great news: it takes so much less time and energy than worrying. Double bonus… you’ll FEEL amazing.

The Magic Formula

Hold the Vision, Clear the Channel, Build the Charge, Place the Order

Over the past few years, I have thought about almost nothing besides the most effective combination and order of ingredients for you to manifest your wildest dreams from a place of pure rapture, ecstasy and bliss.

The custom Magical Formula I’ve created combines the power ayahuasca without the puking, the bliss of MDMA without the come down and the activations of sacred sexuality while keeping your clothes on. 

You will learn most of these practices in person on the retreat, then we will practice them together 1x a month and you can decide which rituals serve you and your dream in between. 

Witness The Magic

Magic is all around us and is actually animating our lives all day every day. Yet we have a very human habit of forgetting this, and inevitably get stuck in the “worry swirl.” Reporting the magic we make in real-time will help us to stop worshiping worry and defy the distraction of disbelief. 

Monthly Manifestation Games:

We Dream and Play Bigger together. Each month we will focus on a particular dimension of being and uplevel our toolkit with new practices.

Month 1: Mission
Get clear on why you came to Earth and your role in making her even more beautiful.

Month 2: Body
Most pain is unfelt feelings. We will not only purge the stored pain and unprocessed emotions in the body, we will also become the strongest, most resilient versions of ourselves.

Month 3: Money
Money is energy. It wants to flow. This game will help you uncover any old limiting beliefs you have around receiving it and putting it to the greatest use for you and the species. 

Month 4: Relationships
Attract and deepen connection with the allies and lovers that will support you and your mission.

Month 5: Sexuality (Advanced)
Deepen your Desire and download new codes to amplify your pleasure prayer practice.

Month 6: Spirit (Advanced)
Imagine having a relationship with the Divine that is so intimate and personal it feels like a lover or your best friend. Imagine having the most wise, trusted counsel on demand 24/7. It’s on the way. 

What’s the Time Commitment?

I will send your manifesting game for each month’s area, along with your new partner assignment. You and your partner will meet 1x to design your custom daily ritual for the month. The ritual is simply a way of designing and reporting on the magic of your day.

The daily commitment will only be about 5 min in the AM and 5 min the PM for your “daydream,” but this daily habit is instrumental in rewiring your conditioning from worry to wonder. This is what will literally change your brain in ways that allow you to see your potential, make new connections and remember every single day that you are in fact co-creating your reality with Nature. 

We will meet 2x a month as a group on Zoom. 

1 session will be for witnessing each other’s magic, hot seat coaching on the blocks that come up and amplifying each other’s mission with our expertise and collective networks.  

1 session will be for sacred practice. We will come together to do live embodied manifesting practice. This will rotate between pleasure prayer, emotional interval training and breathwork. We may even have some surprise guest experts! 

And if manifesting your wildest dream isn’t enough of a win, the person with the most magic at the end of the 6 months will win a full scholarship to the next mastermind!

Should you apply for Evidence of Magic when spots open?

You should apply if:

You are a “high performer” but know you’re functioning at a fraction of your true capacity.
You’re excited by the unique opportunity to blend practical life coaching and embodied manifesting to magnetize your big goals.
You want accountability and support from a small group of amazing people who have big dreams just like you and can become co-conspirators for each others’ success.
You are open to and intrigued by sacred sexuality practices but are not necessarily an expert.
You feel the increasing weight of stress and heaviness on the planet and are committed to turning that around for yourself and the species.
You are thrilled by the opportunity to go on a life-changing retreat where you will uncover old conditioning, release trauma stuck in your body and build the charge of your dreams.
You are ready to unlearn your limiting beliefs around your money, career and relationships and move into a state of infinite receiving.
You’re stoked for behind the scenes knowledge of how I run a 7-figure business and the chance to learn more about writing a bestselling book, keynote speaking, product development, content creation, digital marketing and conscious entrepreneurship.

What happens after you apply?

Once we review your application, you may be invited to a Discovery Call with the team so we can get crystal clear on if this is the right next step for you.
Those who join the Mastermind before June 26 will get a bonus private session with Emily ($900 value).
The magic will begin September 2023.

Join the Evidence of Magic waitlist

We’ll let you know when we open doors for the next cohort.

Apply to join Evidence of Magic

Join the Evidence of Magic waitlist

We’ll let you know when we open doors for the next cohort.

Apply to join Evidence of Magic

Joining Me For the Magic is…

Phoebe Rayner – Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

Phoebe is a trauma informed experienced space holder – a registered Occupational Therapist specializing in mental health, somatics and nervous system regulation; and a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach (having trained with Emily’s dear friend, Layla Martin).

She has offered high touch support to hundreds of A players as they claim their pleasure, both through 1:1 coaching and supporting both Emily and Layla on their live retreats.

Phoebe excels in inspiring people to lead a life of bliss, pleasure and liberation through leaning into the taboo and dissolving shame with love. She brings a transmission of play and permission mixed with deep wisdom and safety into the coaching space.

Rosa Maxwell – Sexual Liberation Coach

Rosa is a trauma informed Sexual Liberation Coach, committed to helping individuals cultivate a deep connection with their bodies and harness the transformative power of pleasure for a more fulfilling life. With a background of over 10 years in Psychology and specialized training in somatic, tantric, and embodied approaches to sexuality, Rosa possesses a unique blend of expertise that merges scientific knowledge with spiritual insights.

Grounded in mindfulness and intention, Rosa’s approach enables individuals to overcome mental barriers that hinder their experience of pleasure and intimacy. She provides a safe and transformative space for clients to explore their sexuality, unlock their desires, and establish profound connections with their pleasure. With compassion and expertise, Rosa guides clients through their personal journeys of sexual exploration, healing past traumas, enhancing intimacy in relationships, and embracing a liberated and authentic sense of self. All leading to one core experience – a feeling of freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get with the mastermind?

 • 5 day retreat for members of the Mastermind where we will learn all the embodied manifesting tools we will be using during the 6 month container and for each game. ($10,000 value)

 •  1x a month celebrating your evidence of magic & coaching on the blocks that show up as our teachers ($5400 value)

 • 1x a month embodied manifesting practice ($6700 value):
Pleasure prayer
Breath work
Emotional interval training
Release rituals

 • Daily accountability and daydreams with your specially chosen monthly partners ($3000)
5 min AM to pray your day & send to your partner
5 min PM to share your daily Evidence of Magic w your partner

 • Up to two private therapy or support sessions with one of our on-staff trauma-informed therapists ($600 value)

 • Private WhatsApp Group with voice note inspo from Emily ($6000 value)

 • Optional monthly community calls for integration and community support ($1000 value)

 • Upgrade your Ziva practice with zivaLIVE or Advanced Technique ($1200 value)

 • A customized formulation of Ziva courses based on your specific needs (valued up to $10,000)

 • Front row seats to the Stadium event (IYKYK) ($500 value)

 • Fast Action Bonus: Join Before June 26 and get an exclusive 1:1 Private Session with Emily ($900 value)

 • Radical personal transformation in the realms of love, money, spirituality, sexuality and purpose (PRICELESS)

 • Entry into an extraordinarily curated, high quality, intimate community that will lift you up, hold space for you and your challenges, cheer you on and support and love you for life (PRICELESS)

 • A new cosmic relationship with manifesting and Nature that will magnetize your dreams for yourself and the planet toward you (PRICELESS)

How do I know if I’m qualified to apply?

No prior experience is required to get the amazing benefits of these tools. I love working with people who are curious about and new to this work.

If you are open, curious, committed, and want to leave the earth better than you found it, we consider you an A Player and would love to have you apply.

Due to the nature of this investment, we recommend participants make over 6 figures so this doesn’t feel like too much of a stretch. However, this mastermind might be the thing that moves you in that direction, so we leave the ultimate decision to you.

This mastermind is open to people of all genders.

What are the requirements for acceptance into the mastermind?

We are accepting people who are ready to play big, are in integrity with their dreams, and trust that there is something bigger for them out there. Likely you are an entrepreneur, thought-leader, someone who is getting big assignments from Nature and is ready to answer the call…

You’re looking for a community of people who can hold you accountable to your dreams, and who you can offer value to as they seek their own desires. 

While we want people who are committed to their dreams, you don’t need to have any experience in breathwork, sacred sexuality or manifesting to get the benefits of this mastermind.

What are the agreements of the container? 

If this feels like a full body yes to you, then the agreement is that you play full out. Most masterminds are a 1 year commitment and take a lot of time. I know you are busy. I don’t want to take you away from your life. This work doesn’t have to take a long time. It can be mind-bogglingly fast and fun if you have the right tools, commitment and accountability.

To that end — when you join, then the agreement is that you do your “daydream” each day and send to your partner before 10a. Then report back on your Evidence of Magic each night before bed.

You agree to attend both live sessions per month and the 5-day retreat. Each participant can miss 2 live sessions per 6 months without penalty.  If you forget to do your daily ritual or choose not to, then you owe $10 to the communal cauldron. Monthly winners take home the pot. 

If you’re not playing full out or keeping your agreements, we reserve the right to remove you from the container.

If shit hits the fan during the 6 months, good news – you’re gonna have a community of people to help. This is the time to commit, not the time to hit the eject button.

When you’ve done this work in the past, what were the results like? If I am going to invest in this mastermind, what can I expect to get out of it in 6 months? 

In addition to totally overhauling my calendar, sex life, relationship with God, hours I spend at work and level of abundance…

I have had the privilege of getting to do this high level work with some of the world’s most influential and creative humans. I love it. It allows them to optimize their professional and personal relationships, eviscerate their emotional blocks, get razor sharp feedback on their manifestations and experience more bliss and ecstasy than they knew possible. 

However, a one week private immersion is $100K, four days is $50K. Historically this has made it cost prohibitive for most of the planet. For the first time, I am offering this same level of practice, coaching, sacred sexuality and access to an intimate group. And the really exciting thing here is that the group itself, the relationships, bonds, connections and fun we will have in this community of A players will be even MORE valuable than a private experience and all for ¼ of the investment. 

Yes, you will learn manifesting and you will also get brass tacks life coaching, tough love accountability and a healthy dose of collaborative competition to make advancing to the next level of the video game of life fun! 

For the first time, I will share behind the scenes knowledge of how I run a 7-figure business for 10 years, writing a book, product development, content creation, digital marketing, keynote speaking, and conscious entrepreneurship.

Can you say more about “a mix of spiritual and business mentoring?” What does that look like specifically?

One of the things that will make this experience so unique is that yes, we will be doing some of the most advanced manifesting practices available. The daily rituals and the fun games will help you play the game in the “5D” aka the unmanifest. And for the first time ever, I will be offering practical 3D business and life coaching.

After running a successful business for over 10 years that has grown year over year with an amazing team in a very competitive market, I have learned so much about entrepreneurship. From building and managing teams, hiring, online course creation, marketing, affiliate relationships and delegation.

So while we will be largely playing the game in the unseen realms, we will use your most pressing issues in business, love, life and your body to help you step into the person needed to birth the full beauty of your dream.

What can I expect from the Evidence of Magic community?

Since starting this mastermind, the community is what has blown me away more than anything else. The caliber of humans who opt in for this container are extraordinary: kind, powerful, compassionate, open, creative, loving and charged up on their roles for making this planet the most beautiful it can be.

I’ve seen Evidence of Magic participants hold each other physically and emotionally. Make space for one another’s challenges, heartbreaks, successes and dreams. I’ve witnessed them cheer each other on, laugh together, cry together and send each other boundless love and support at every turn. The relationships and bonds forged in Evidence of Magic will last a lifetime.

One of the major surprises has been Community Gifting — members of Evidence of Magic have gifted each other all manner of invaluable treasures. Everything from medical advice from doctors, to meaningful handmade trinkets, to business advice to dance classes. Right now, two members are entering into a multi-million dollar business venture together based on wellness and healing. Talk about magic.

Ready to take the leap?

One of the things that I always teach is that tools are very secondary. We live in an information age, you can get tools anywhere. It’s the transmission that matters. It’s WHO the teacher is.

I’ve tried so many times to incorporate a daily meditation practice but I always failed to commit. After I was initiated by Emily, I finally developed my own Ziva practice. That was almost a year ago and now I meditate every day.

Layla Martin

Sacred Sexuality & Tantra Expert

After my weeklong intensive with Emily I am relating to everything differently. I am better equipped to handle things that would’ve had me spiraling into stress in the past. Now, I’m more grounded and am in such a state of flow.

Since our intensive, when things are chaotic or stressful, I feel calm and am able to adapt. My old perfectionism is falling away and making space for the real me to shine. I gave 2 important talks and I felt so grounded and able to connect with the audience in a new way. She is spiritual balm for my soul.

Vylana Marcus

Sound Healer

Emily has done the work of healing herself and now holds the healing codes for the whole planet.

I’ve almost never seen someone as embodied as she is.

Her level of mastery in both meditation and sacred sexuality is helping bring powerful medicine the world needs right now.

Aubrey Marcus

NYT Bestselling Author, Host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Emily is the real deal.

She is heart, soul, beauty, connection, riveting intelligence, deep humanity – and hands down – the most inspiring, clear teacher of meditation that I have ever experienced.

Mama Gena

Bestselling Author and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts
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