The Love Bomb and Q & A with Emily Fletcher

The Love Bomb is a great way to become open the possibility of forgiveness.

Today we are excited to share a recording from a powerful Facebook Live session with Ziva Meditation founder, Emily Fletcher. In this video, as part of our four-part forgiveness series, Emily takes questions from members of the Ziva Community on Facebook (click to join!) and walks you through a meaningful exercise Emily calls “The Love Bomb.”

Check out the video below to hear:

  • How to get access to the Power of Forgiveness Audio (2:39)
  • Why the news in the media is so hard for you to process (7:35)
  • The Love Bomb– which is perfect for anyone anytime, but especially meaningful as a first step if you’re having trouble opening to forgiveness (15:25)
  • Live feedback from those who just experienced The Love Bomb (37:56)
  • What holding onto anger does to your body (50:25)
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