Top Foods for Optimal Brain Health

Last week, Emily sat down with cognition nutrition expert and Dr. Oz regular Max Lugavere to talk about how what you eat can impact your brain. Max and Emily discussed how to eat for optimal brain performance, what supplements to take, and how stress and inflammation can harm your brain and body.

The original convo happened live in our Ziva Community Facebook Group. Join now if you haven’t already to get first access to our new weekly series of Facebook lives starting on Nov. 30.

Our favorite highlights:

  • [9:00]: Tip #1 — eat half to one whole avocado each day
  • [17:10]: Max reviews Emily’s daily supplements and makes recommendations
  • [26:45]: Emily discusses how diet and stress can cause inflammation in the body — the root of all disease according to Ayurveda
  • [38:50]: Why and how to ingest more Omega 3s and fewer Omega 6s
  • [49:30]: Max shares his most trusted brands for supplements — and where to get them
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