How Ziva Meditation Came To Be

The story of Ziva, and Emily Fletcher’s most popular Ziva teachings.

A lot of people don’t know the story of how Ziva came to be. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane…

Emily was a showgirl, turned meditation teacher, turned high priestess (but that’s a story for another time…). And wow has it been a journey.

She was fortunate enough to find meditation during her ten year career on Broadway where she was struggling with insomnia, anxiety, premature aging and getting sick all the time. It changed Emily’s life so dramatically that she left Broadway, went to India and started what became a three year training process to become a teacher.

That training consisted of eighteen hours a week of meditation, thousands of hours of apprenticing, transcribing books in Sanskrit by hand and studying The Vedas. Emily is now 14 years and 10,220 meditations deep into her practice.

She’s taught on stage, in boardrooms, on morning shows, at Google, Apple and Harvard Business School, at Burning Man and everywhere in between. Emily has traveled around the world to share her message that yes you CAN reduce stress, overcome anxiety, improve sleep and live the life of your dreams.

But since we’ve just met, we’ve taken some of Emily’s best and most popular talks and teachings and put them here for you:

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