Join Emily for an Intro to zivaLIVE!

Interested in taking your practice to a whole new level? Have questions about the difference between zivaONLINE and LIVE? 

Join Emily on Apr 4 at 2:30p ET to learn why this is the perfect next step on your journey.


zivaLIVE is now *Virtual*!

Get all the info on how to experience the most powerful training in The Ziva Technique from the comfort of home.

Ready to deepen your practice & knowledge?

zivaLIVE is our most powerful meditation course available. 
If zivaONLINE is the trusty Toyota, zivaLIVE is the speedy, powerful Maserati.

In this special free even, learn the differences between zivaONLINE and LIVE, how the course works, what makes it so powerful and how it will transform how you show up in the world.

Plus, what it will be like to dive into this mind- and heart-opening experience virtually (for the first time ever!).

Emily will answer your questions about what you’ll learn, how a new mantra can change *everything*, the next layer of unstressing and how this has changed the lives of thousands of people for the better.

What to expect:

A deeper understanding of nishkam karma yoga

In zivaLIVE, you’ll receive a personalized mantra from Emily and kick your practice up to 20 min. Explore how and why this works and what to expect from your more advanced practice.

Find out all the details before enrolling in our virtual classroom.

Emily will answer your questions about the more advanced practice you’ll learn, getting to and from the space, what to expect from the course and more.

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