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Emily Fletcher is thrilled to be a three-time returning guest to speak with Nick Onken on NION Radio. A meditation teacher and creator of the Ziva Technique, Emily taught host Nick to meditate, and in this episode, he not only gets answers to his burning questions about what has changed in the land of Ziva this year, but also shares his own experience.

Listen in on iTunes to hear:

  • What’s new in the world of Ziva Meditation [4:10]
  • How stress gets stored in your body [7:10]
  • How epigenetic control your genes [8:50
  • The power of manifesting [14:30]
  • What kind of teaching Emily is doing now [18:15]
  • What a mantra is and how to use them [19:50]
  • How meditation helps with creative performance [22:40]
  • What Emily has been doing for the past year [32:35]
  • The top books Emily is reading now [43:15]
  • What happens when you meditate when you’re pregnant [45:30]
  • What has shifted for Nick since he started meditating [52:00]
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