Jesse Israel + Emily Fletcher: Untangle Podcast

Ziva founder Emily Fletcher is a frequent guest host of Untangle, the meditation podcast by Gaiam. In this episode, she interviews Jesse Israel (click below to listen).

As a young adult, Jesse struggled with depression before he realized that he needed to make some big life changes to feel more fulfilled and happy. Having worked with startups, investors and labels in the music business, Jesse was seeing exceedingly high levels of stress among millennials — and feeling it himself. Fast forward, Jesse is now the founder of Medi Club, a safe haven for likeminded, modern meditators and he organizes The Big Quiet, where 2000+ people come together to meditate in places like Central Park in NYC.

Emily and Jesse have a candid conversation about Jesse’s background, his struggle to “enjoy the process” of his work instead of focusing on making money and how millennials are experiencing record levels of stress — partly due to the rise of social media. Click below to hear the full interview or read below for a quick excerpt:

Jesse: Just recently, the biggest and most challenging thing I’ve given myself permission to experience is letting go of this notion that I need a lot of money in a short period of time to feel good. So, for the past year, while things like Medi Club and The Big Quiet grew, people would see the success, they would see the impact it was having. But I was torturing myself because that voice would kick saying, “But how are you gonna make a ton of dough doing this?” And that’s when I would totally move away from the ability to feel fulfilled and feel excited about the work I was doing.

Emily: I’m not sure a lot of people really stop to question what their relationship is with money, what their assumptions are with money. As we become adults, finances become this bogeyman that we’re still allowed to be afraid of.

Jesse: Yes, and it’s one thing to talk about this stuff. And maybe feel inspired when you hear a podcast and say to yourself, “oh yeah, I can relate to this.” And that’s what would happen to me a lot over the last year — but it was always so fleeting. I’d feel inspired and relate to something, but then it would go away and that voice would come back…

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