For entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, people who are getting big assignments from Nature and are ready to answer the call…



Are you looking to:

Make a big impact on the planet but struggle with accountability or self-sabotage?

Blend your deep desires, your professional work and your spiritual practice?

Receive actionable coaching & spiritual growth from high level people like you?

Offer your unique gifts to other likeminded people on a mission to make the world better?

Completely transform 6 key areas of your life?

Work waaay less and make more money?

Catapult your life into the one of your dreams?

If yes, then Evidence of Magic might be for you.

Evidence of Magic is a radically different 6-month mastermind. Expect next level, life-altering, cosmic creation in this magic mastermind where we’ll be working on the energetic plane & the practical plane in equal measures.

Use your sexual energy to create the life and world of your wildest imagination

In this new, exclusive mastermind, we will explore professional & personal development at a whole new level.

You will use embodied manifesting tools, pleasure prayer practices, practical strategies and straight up magic to find more fun, joy and abundance than ever before — all while working to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

This program will transform 6 key areas of your life and business as we look at the wheel of your life.
For 2 months at a time, we’ll focus on one section of the wheel and you’ll set a particular dream you want to achieve by the end of 2 months. As a group, we’ll begin a manifesting game to bring each of us closer to our unique dream.

What would one month of Evidence of Magic look like?

Your Wildest Dreams Await…

Biweekly Spell Circles with Emily & Guest Experts

Magic Members will come twice a month for coaching, connection and to share how the game is going. Meet with Emily and several guest experts in industries across business, sacred sexuality and wellness.

Weekly Witchery with Your Evidence of Magic Partner

You will be paired up with a partner to stay accountable to your unique goal. Daily check-ins & weekly meetings are required.

Regular Embodiment Sessions to Supercharge Your Manifesting

In order to bring you closer to your unique goal, Emily will lead the group through embodiment sessions which include sacred sexuality & pleasure prayer practices that have supercharged her manifesting practice.

The first round of applications for Evidence of Magic
is open now through Dec 21.

You should apply if you’re looking for:

The unique opportunity to blend spiritual practices and embodied manifesting tools with your professional and personal goals.

Accountability and support within a small, dedicated group of people who have big dreams just like you and can become co-conspirators for each others’ success.

A mastermind experience where you will connect with high level experts across industries such as business, wellness, sacred sexuality, tech and functional medicine.

A chance to be in the room with Emily as she channels Nature and receives real time downloads about your business and how best to help you move toward your goals.

The unlearning of your limiting beliefs around your money, career and relationships and to move into a state of infinite receiving that will help you further your mission on planet Earth.

Behind the scenes knowledge of how Emily runs a 7-figure online business and the chance to learn more about product development, content creation, digital marketing, speaking, and conscious entrepreneurship.

The opportunity to truly lead with creation and have FUN while doing it.

What happens after you apply?

You’ll receive an email from our team if we feel you may be a good fit for Evidence of Magic. At that time, you can go on to join the program or set up a Discovery Call with Emily to identify how Evidence of Magic would best support you and if this program is the right next step.

The first round of applications are open though Dec 21. Should you be accepted, you will be invited to join.

We will kickoff our first meeting in the second half of January.

Let’s be co-conspirators in each others’ success

Now more than ever, more and more people are being ushered into higher and higher states of consciousness. Folks ready and willing to do BIG WORK — who are hearing the call from Nature and are ready to answer.

You have a role to play on this planet. I bet you know that.

What often gets in the way of acting on these big assignments from the universe are accountability, self-sabotage, life’s daily demands. Perhaps you don’t yet have a community of people in your corner who are feeling the same call for action. Maybe you’re lacking the tools you need to really manifest your deepest desires.

I want to show you how to bring your wildest dreams into the manifest.

I’ve been supercharging my manifesting practice in ways I didn’t know we’re possible. Things like sacred sexuality, pleasure prayer practices, Manifestation games… these things can change your reality like they did mine.

I’m learning new tools, & I want to share them with you as fast as I can. The Evidence of Magic Mastermind is going to be the quickest, most impactful way I can share these tools with people doing big work. People like you.

What else is included when you join?

Note: We only have 23 spots total!

Private WhatsApp Group

Connect with the Emily & Magic Members to share your progress in the Manifesting Game.

Upgrade your Ziva practice with zivaLIVE or Advanced Technique

Amplify your Ziva practice with the next step on your journey. All Magic Members will receive a private zivaLIVE where you can receive your personalized mantra or Advanced Technique.

Exclusive Weekend Retreat at Emily’s

Magic Members are invited to a special retreat at Emily’s to learn advanced manifesting tools, pleasure prayer practices and connect with the group face-to-face.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Join During the First Round of Applications
and get an exclusive 1:1 Private Session with Emily

You can use your session to clarify your goals or get personalized coaching on any area of your life.

One of the things that I always teach is that tools are very secondary. We live in an information age, you can get tools anywhere. It’s the transmission that matters. It’s WHO the teacher is.

I’ve tried so many times to incorporate a daily meditation practice but I always failed to commit. After I was initiated by Emily, I finally developed my own Ziva practice. That was almost a year ago and now I meditate every day.

Layla Martin

Sacred Sexuality & Tantra Expert

After my weeklong intensive with Emily I am relating to everything differently. I am better equipped to handle things that would’ve had me spiraling into stress in the past. Now, I’m more grounded and am in such a state of flow.

Since our intensive, when things are chaotic or stressful, I feel calm and am able to adapt. My old perfectionism is falling away and making space for the real me to shine. I gave 2 important talks and I felt so grounded and able to connect with the audience in a new way. She is spiritual balm for my soul.

Vylana Marcus

Sound Healer

Emily has done the work of healing herself and now holds the healing codes for the whole planet.

I’ve almost never seen someone as embodied as she is.

Her level of mastery in both meditation and sacred sexuality is helping bring powerful medicine the world needs right now.

Aubrey Marcus

NYT Bestselling Author, Host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Emily is the real deal.

She is heart, soul, beauty, connection, riveting intelligence, deep humanity – and hands down – the most inspiring, clear teacher of meditation that I have ever experienced.

Mama Gena

Bestselling Author and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts
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