Introducing…Manifesting Sleep!

Our Manifesting Sleep live stream was NEXT LEVEL. We loved hearing your initial reactions to our brand new (and ultra relaxing) sleep course, Manifesting Sleep.

In case you missed it, Emily hosted a very special Facebook Live over in the Ziva Community Group. It was a sneak peek into Manifesting Sleep– why we created the course, what you can expect to learn, and why this course is perfect if you struggle with any sleep issues.

If you couldn’t tell from last night, Emily is VERY passionate about helping people become great sleepers. That’s why we were so floored when Dr. Michael Breus (America’s Sleep Doctor) said this:

“Emily calls herself a meditation teacher but I think she is secretly a sleep doctor. The way she healed her own insomnia and now empowers others to get deeper, more efficient sleep is like nothing I have ever seen. I frequently send people to her programs and they love it.”

Awwwwww yeah.

Manifesting Sleep gives you the most powerful tips and tricks we know for getting a good night’s rest, and I know so many people are desperate for solutions. Some quick highlights from the live stream were:

  • Emily broke down the course and how each element will help you uplevel your sleep habits.
  • She discussed how you can use Manifesting Sleep in conjunction with a meditation practice if you have one in your routine (and how they serve different purposes).
  • She explained why wine and alcohol is not an effective sleep aid (and how in the long run, this course is a much better investment of $25 than a bottle of pinot).
  • AND Emily gave her secret for listening to audios in bed (without disturbing your partner): Cozyphones!

We recorded the whole thing for you.

Watch our Manifesting Sleep live stream:

If you’re wondering if this course is for you, ask yourself, “Could I accomplish MORE throughout the day with a better night’s rest?”

What’s inside Manifesting Sleep:

  • Our teaching video that explains why you’re having sleep trouble and how you can fix it.
  • The Deep Sleep Download – our most powerful (and brand-new) guided visualization for better sleep.
  • The Manifesting Sleep Sheet, your quick start guide from the course video.
  • The sleep chapter from Stress Less, Accomplish More
  • A bedtime story! I read you The Velveteen Rabbit until you drift off to Slumbertown.

Ready to dive into the sleep course of your dreams? Get Manifesting Sleep here!

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