Manifesting Masterclass

Advanced manifesting training for Ziva Meditators

Ever find yourself saying…

​​If so, you’re not alone — and help is on the way.

Can your thoughts affect your reality?

A resounding yes.

Hundreds of Ziva graduates have shared with us tear inducing stories of things they have architected in their lives by using manifesting as the blueprint. Dr. Joe Dispenza recently did an experiment where 120 study participants manifested love, joy or gratitude for 10 min 3x a day to determine if our thoughts could affect our immune systems and cortisol levels. 

At the conclusion of the study, the participants’ cortisol levels dropped by three standard deviations and their IgA (a protein responsible for the healthy function of our immune systems) increased from 52.5 to 86.

What you’ll get


The Masterclass video

Gain a greater understanding of the most advanced portion of the Ziva Technique: manifesting. You’ll learn the neuroscience of manifesting, the most common roadblocks and how to avoid them.


Manifesting Workbook + Recipe

Take an honest look at your limiting beliefs (so you can blow them up and step into your greatness). Plus get a copy of our Manifesting Recipe for your best manifesting success.


Manifesting Audio

Listen to Emily as she guides you through a powerful manifesting exercise to cultivate a life and world you love. Use it as often as you like… and prepare for magic.


Curated Resource List

This is a lifelong process. Enjoy these continuing education tools as you strengthen your manifesting practice.

Is the Manifesting Masterclass right for you?

​This course is for you if:​

  • You have manifester’s block: you simply don’t know what to manifest
  • You’re clear about what you want but secretly don’t believe you deserve it
  • You feel scattered while manifesting and drift back into meditation
  • You think your dreams are “too selfish”

Manifesting Masterclass

Turn your wildest dreams into your everyday reality.

  • The teaching video to learn the Ziva manifesting recipe, the neuroscience of manifesting and tips for upleveling your practice.
  • The Manifesting Masterclass workbook to guide you as you do the deep work of asking yourself what you want your life to look like, and our Manifesting Recipe for your best success of making it happen.
  • A downloadable manifesting audio: The exercise we do together in the masterclass in audio form so you can take it on the go.
  • Curated resource list to serve as continuing education as you strengthen your practice.
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Manifesting Success Stories

A month ago I was manifesting a good grade on an assignment for my PhD. I had to wait 3 weeks to find out, but today I got the good news! I received the grade I manifested. I worked hard but I’m so grateful for the role Ziva played.

PhD Candidate

I manifested my newborn son by thinking about what it would feel like to breastfeed him and hold him in my arms. Manifesting what the situation would feel like allowed me to let go of the timeline. It worked!

Stay-at-home mom

I manifested healing my strained relationship with my adult daughter by imagining a healing light that enveloped us both. It was such a powerful image that I felt tears come to my eyes. The next day, my daughter reached out to me and wanted to hangout! Our relationship has been better ever since. Manifesting is my secret weapon.

Director of Sales

I’ve been manifesting the way I want to feel in my acting career. Within 6 weeks, I booked a HUGE guest starring role on Will & Grace (something I thought was too good to be possible). This is just one of several things to come to fruition on the career front using manifesting.

Actor, Will & Grace

Manifesting is the only time in my life that lets me honor and focus on what it is I want to achieve. When else would you sit down and seriously consider what you want? It’s been so incredibly valuable for me.

SVP, Business Development

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