Save your spot for:

Mastery Coaching: Awaken to your Purpose

Join Emily for a live virtual event to discover how
the teachings of the Vedas can align you with
your purpose.

July 31 at 1p ET


Save your spot for:

Mastery Coaching: Awaken to your Purpose

Join Emily for a live virtual event to discover how the teachings of the Vedas can align you with your purpose.

July 31 at 1p ET


Moving into Mastery teaches you what you WISH you learned in school: How to live on purpose, be in flow, feel abundant, look and feel amazing in your body — all while making the world a better place.

You have the chance to learn all of this.

If you’re curious about what Mastery is all about, join us for this special event where you’ll learn how the teachings of the Vedas can help you become the highest expression of yourself. Then, Emily will open up the floor for Mastery coaching.

Apply Ancient Philosophy
to your Modern Life

Join Emily for a chance to be brought on live and get real time
advice you can apply to your life. Some examples of questions you may want to bring to the table:

  • I don’t know what’s next for me in my career, how do I know where my gifts are best served?
  • It feels like people’s purpose is always tied to work, but can I have purpose that’s not related to a job?
  • Do I have just ONE purpose, or can I have multiple things that I am called to do?
  • My purpose doesn’t feel big enough. Is that ok?

Enrollment for the 2023 class of Moving into Mastery is open now through Aug 1.

Hear what some of our Mastery alumni have to say about the course…

Moving into Mastery is amazing. It was a financial stretch for me, but I made the decision to go for it and am so glad I did. I will definitely rewatch some of the modules, and am super excited to see the new speakers this go-round.

Because of the lifetime access this is really many courses in one. If you were to try to go learn all this yourself it would take forever, but Emily has put together a great group of experts to complement her vast knowledge. It is also honestly a bargain financially – if you tried to pay for all this knowledge it would cost a lot more too!

I have made a lot of little changes (not drinking my water ice cold, and tongue scraping) to big changes (how I handle/think about my money). I was listening to Emily explain what is included when I was in my car, and I was so excited about it I just knew I was supposed to do this. I didn’t want to try to talk myself out of it later, so I actually pulled over in a parking lot and signed up!

If you are thinking about it and can’t stop thinking about it – the Universe is trying to tell you something! Listen to the Universe and sign up – the content is fantastic, and the community is wonderfully supportive as well!!


This is a love note to Moving into Mastery. Emily Fletcher gracefully weaves the thread of Vedic knowledge through all of the modules she offers in Moving into Mastery, thus lighting up both the left and right brain, taking Ziva Meditation’s teachings to the next level, and helping me get better at life.

Encouraged by the inspiring speakers Emily invites to join her, and by the amazing human beings in the Mastery community, I finally started taking inspired action instead of simply accumulating information: joining a small writing group and learning invaluable information that will be helpful with a small personal writing project, experiencing surprising breakthroughs with my resistance and excuses, a chance encounter at the beach in my new home town with a man who has been meditating consistently twice a day for 45 years.

These are just a few of the benefits being part of Moving into Mastery has brought to me. And I feel as though I have barely dipped my toes into the knowledge contained in all the modules, knowing that each time I return to them, this knowledge will present itself to me in new ways as I continue my journey.

I am truly grateful for having, at the very last minute, decided to join the program.


Save your spot for

Mastery Coaching: Awaken to your Purpose

Monday, July 31 at 1p ET

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