10 Meditators Share Their Weight Loss Experiences

Did you know that stress contributes to weight gain? And not only because you head straight for comfort food when you’re feeling tense. Cortisol is one of the hormones released in the body when we are stressed and is a major contributor to weight gain, especially around the mid-section. But there is an antidote! Meditation is the best tool we have today to combat stress, and our students see results in weight loss, as well. We’ve heard tons of success stories from folks who have graduated from our courses, so we asked our zivaFAMILY to share meditation’s effect on their body and weight:

“I lost the 15 pounds I had gained during college with meditation and found that I didn’t have to do any crazy diets like I did back then…I think the weight loss was part of my un-stressing!”

“I have lost weight because I treat my body more like a Temple and don’t put as much junk in it.”

“In the past six months following a break from meditation, I got very motivated to start working out and eating wisely again.”

“I’ve lost 15 pounds since January. And I’m less of a jerk ;)”

“More than twenty-five pounds lost since last February — directly related to my meditation practice!”

“I’m a personal trainer and, in my personal experience, meditation reduces stress (cortisol) and therefore belly fat.”

“I’m down 27 pounds since May. Definitely a combo of meditation and a new work out, but the reason I know that it’s meditation is the emotional weight that I’m losing. It’s been with me for years and as I work through an issue, I feel it come up, I have a cathartic moment, and then it’s gone. Weight literally falls off.”

“I have more energy, less interest in wine, and seem to need less sleep. Carbohydrates also seem to hold less appeal.”

“I definitely lost weight! I would say around ten pounds.”

“After more than two years, it has helped me to manage my weight and done a world of good for my addictive food behaviors. I know for sure that my meditation practice is continuing to help heal my relationship with food, therefore making it easier to lose or maintain a healthy body weight. I’m not sure what I would do without meditation at this point or how I lived without it before.”

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